From WordPress to a Windows 8 App


A very interesting application that allows WordPress site owners to create a Windows 8 app for their blog without writing any code.

IdeaPress Open Source


AnandTech’s Brilliant HTC One Review


HTC One is arguably the best Android phone ever. And AnandTech’s extraordinarily descriptive review does full justice to it.

The HTC One Review

Debate – Microsoft’s Windows 8 Approach: Bold, Arrogant, or Both?


A very interesting debate, started by ZDNet columnist Ed Bott, with valid arguments for both sides of the coin.

Microsoft’s Windows 8 approach: Bold, arrogant, or both?


Get Instagram Back in Twitter


Missing the Instagram photos in your Twitter stream? Well, Twitter blocked them but with this Chrome extension you can get them back easily.


Why Windows 8 themes don’t work in Windows 7


A very detailed look at Windows 8 themes and what’s new and different about them when compared to Windows 7 themes.

What’s New About Windows 8 Themes? Why They Don’t Work in Windows 7?


This Reply All Button Should Be Baked Into Outlook


Courtesy of Kurt Shintaku’s Blog, this ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of face palms. Safe sex, seat belts and this.

Download for Outlook ‘13

How Microsoft’s Applied Sciences Group Develops New Hardware


A fun discussion with Stevie Bathiche, Distinguished Scientist of Windows Hardware at Microsoft.

From Surface Keyboards To Teddy Bear Robots, Microsoft’s Mad Scientist Develops The Art Of Innovation



Install Windows Phone 8 Apps from an SD Card to Save Space


If you own a cheap Windows Phone 8 device, like the HTC 8S or the Nokia Lumia 620, you will love this guide:

How to Install Windows Phone 8 Apps from the SD Card to Save Space



Is Microsoft really becoming irrelevant?


Gartner says “Yes!” but Ed Bott looks at their numbers, does a different math and says “No!”. A fun read if you ask me:

Microsoft, Google, and Apple: Which one faces doom in 2017?


Nokia Dominates the Top 5 Most Popular Windows Phones


Some very interesting stats shared by AdDuplex and Paul Thurrott.

Windows Phone Device Stats: April 2013


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