2009 Open Web Awards Winners, Social Media Edition


Mashable.com’s 3rd annual list of the best sites in social media.

2009 Winners List

Create a Video Greeting Card with Microsoft Movie Maker


Put your holiday pictures to music and create a video in 9 steps with this Movie Maker tutorial from Microsoft.

Holiday Card with Movie Maker

Do You Use Stylish? Check Out Barbiegirl’s Styles


With the Stylish extension for Firefox (Tbird too), you can add small CSS enhancements to your browsing experience. Of all the thousands of available styles, we love the ones by the prolific Barbiegirl the most. Frankly, not all styles work well but hers are top notch. If you’d like to lower a toolbar height, make a menu a different color, change favicon behavior all at a click of a button, see her list of available styles below and be amazed how functional they really are.

Barbiegirl’s styles

Forum discussion of Barbirgirl’s styles

Stylish Add-on Install Page

99 Windows 7 Shortcuts & Counting


If you’re the type of geek using shortcuts for most commonly used application/tasks, you might want to take a look at this collection. It has 99 shortcuts for Windows 7 apps, administration tasks, etc. Also, the authors of the download package are willing to expand the collection on request.

All shortcuts are split into the following categories: Shut Down Menu, Troubleshooting, Windows Programs, Ease of Access, System Administration Tools, Tablet PC, Windows PowerShell, Networking.

The Biggest Library of Windows 7 Shortcuts

Use Revo Uninstaller’s Built-in Tracks Cleaner


Our favorite app Revo has released a new version, 1.85. While most of the changes were minor, the revision gives us an excuse to write it up, again pointing out features other than its best in class uninstaller. Click on Tracks Cleaner and then Windows Cleaner to remove the items listed above.  We’ll cover the ‘Hunter Mode’ soon.

Revo Uninstaller v1.85 (free)

Make Your Website More SEO-Friendly with the SEO Toolkit for IIS

iis seo toolkit

Running your website off IIS? If so, you might want to check out the free Search Engine Optimization Toolkit, a free SEO tool from Microsoft. It performs in-depth site analysis and supports Robots.txt and Sitemap files.

Search Engine Optimization Toolkit for IIS

Learn How to Use Sparklines in Excel

excel sparklines

Ever heard of Sparklines? It’s a cool new feature in Excel 2010 that lets you create “mini-charts”, as you can see from the image above. It basically lets you analyze data in more ways and more efficiently. Want to quickly see a trend? Use Sparklines. Learn more below.

How to Use Sparklines in Excel

A to Z Index of the Windows XP Command Line

windows xp command line

Think you are a command line Guru in Windows XP? Well, test yourself and see how many commands you actually know! Can you create a Windows shortcut from the command line? Or add a new environment variable? Check out this list of all command prompt commands.

Windows XP Command Line

35 High Dynamic Resolution Images


By using different exposure techniques, HDR pictures differ from their standard resolution brethren. These cool pictures look extremely good on a desktop or a logon screen.

35 HDR Images via Smashing Magazine

$300 YouTube Video Starts Hollywood Bidding War

Producer offered $30,000,000  to make feature length film. <duck>

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