Visiting or Living In New York? Check Out NYC Way

nyc way

Whether you live in NY or plan to visit, one app you should install on your iPhone is NYC Way. It’s a free app that bundles a bunch of local NY resources into one little package. Resources include nearest WiFi hotspots, NYC coffee shops, live traffic cams, subway alerts, tourist attractions, and lots more.

NYC Way iPhone App

Use Revo To Do More Than Just Uninstall A Program


Readers of TinyHacker know that Revo Uninstaller is one of, if not our number one freeware application. With each new Revo version, more tools are included to help the end user manage their systems effectively. With Revo open, navigate to Tools>Windows Tools and find an easy way to execute Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool, Group Policy Editor, TCP/IP NetStat Command prompt as well as many other System and Networking tools. If you have and use Revo, consider using some of the other useful tools beyond program deletion. 

Read more about Revo’s additional tools

Shakespearean Insulter Will Confirm Your Masochistic Tendencies


A day without a random insult by The Bard is like a day without sunshine.’s Shakespearean Insult Generator

Change Drive Letter for External USB Device

change drive letter

Ever connect a USB device to your computer and not have it show up in My Computer? Strange huh? Most likely it’s because the drive letter Windows is assigning is already taken. In that case, you have to change the drive letter manually and then it will show up.

Change Drive Letter for USB Device in Windows

Bunny Heaven Wascally Wallpaper


Download from angrymikko’s Deviant Art page

Use Scan.pst To Repair Outlook


Included in all versions of Outlook is Scan.pst, a tool that may help in the event your .pst file becomes corrupted. Read the Microsoft article below and backup your .pst file. Run scan.pst repeatedly until there are no errors. Detailed directions in the link.

Repair the .pst file in Outlook

Award Winning MPlayer is an Open Source Media Player with 100’s of Codecs Included


It may very well replace your current player of choice. Having difficulty playing back certain file types in WMP? Give MPlayer a shot. It’s free, open source and adheres to GNU/GPL standards.

Download MPlayer

Reviewing AVG Internet Security 9 – Good improvements vs 8.5


A few weeks ago we announced the launch of AVG Free Version 9. Now we also found a good review of their commercial version, called AVG Internet Security 9. If you read it, you’ll see that the folks from AVG worked hard on this new version and managed to improve many things. If you are interested in upgrading from their free version, to the commercial one, don’t hesitate to check out this review. You can also try it out yourself, by downloading a 30-days free support version.

Security for Everyone – Reviewing AVG Internet Security 9

AVG Internet Security 9 Trial

Create Your Own Custom Buttons (FF, TBird, Sunbird)


The Toolbar Button Maker extension gives over 100 button choices for Firefox, Thunderbird and Sunbird. Want a button to ‘hide all images’ on a page? Just click from the list and restart Firefox, Go to Customization and drag the icon to a toolbar and you’re all set.

Custom Button Maker

Original Toolbar Buttons Add-on

Adorable Twitter Icon


Use for quick launch, a dock app, wallpaper or just for fun. Download in .zip in many different sizes.

Deownload from detrans Deviant Art page

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