Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (or anyone else)


Connect Kevin Bacon with any other actor. Try Charlie Chaplin, Humphrey Bogart or Leelee Sobieski. Or try two unknowns and see if they can connect in less then six steps.

The Oracle of Bacon

Send Files via Bluetooth in Windows 7


If you are the type of geek frequently transferring data between your phone and Windows 7 laptop, then you might want to check a recent tutorial from 7 Tutorials. This guide shows you how to connect any device to your Windows 7 computer via Bluetooth, how to send and receive files between devices and how to troubleshoot the problems you encounter.

Transfer Files Between Devices & Your Windows 7 PC via Bluetooth

Not From Concentrate Is On Hiatus, Still Loved By Many


He misses two nightstands, poor guy. We miss this comic and hope Tom finds the time and inspiration to draw again.

The Entire ‘Not From Concentrate’ Archive

Google Fast Flip Allows Speed Dial For News Topics


Easily view 18 stories on one page and change with one click. Sort by Recent, Popular, Most Viewed, Headlines, Topics and Sources. Share with friends and view via your mobile too.

Fast Flip

Use Yahoo! To Find, Sort and Filter Videos From Your Favorite Bands


Not likely to replace YouTube for your video needs but the search results are impressive.

Yahoo! Video Search

Winter Weather Map From Intellicast


From time to time this winter we will be posting winter related maps and other cool weather pages and apps. This is a map-in-motion from Intellicast for the Northeast. Use your zip code and add some layers, overlays and alerts and off you go.

Intellicast Northeast map-in-motion

Upgrade your iPod Touch to the latest firmware for free

iPod Touch with old firmware

If you’ve got an iPod Touch that was on sale this holiday season and ended up with an old firmware, your obvious inclination would be to upgrade the firmware manually to the latest version. There is a catch, Apple charges $4.95 for an upgrade. If you don’t want to pay for an upgrade then follow this guide to upgrade your iPod Touch to the latest version for free without any hassle. After trying many different ways to upgrade my iPod Touch I’ve found out that this is one way that surely works.

Streets and Trips + MapPoint Construction Update


Download Streets and Trips 2010 and MapPoint 2010 Construction Update

Download Streets and Trips 2009 and MapPoint 2009 Construction Update

Download MapPoint 2006 and Streets and Trips 2007 Construction Update

Download Microsoft Streets and Trips 2006 Construction Update

Great List Of Worldwide Newspapers

International Newspapers

Read The News From All 50 States

A very handy resource for anyone away from home. Int’l to follow.

U.S. Newspapers

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