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Cool Extension KwiClick Gives In-Tab Search Results

In this case, we highlighted the Metropolitan Museum of Art address and a small map of the Upper East Side of Manhattan appeared. This would be a great tool if just for that but there’s more. See Google, Bing, Amazon, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook (and more) results without leaving the page you’re on. KwiClick integrates with FireGestures and is completely configurable. For a description of additional features, see the links below.

KwiClick v2.4.1 extension from Firefox Add-ons

KwiClick Home

A Simple App To Monitor Disk Speed


Check the read/write speed for a hard drive.  Period.

Physical Disk Speed Monitor

Tiny App Monitors Your Bandwidth A Variety Of Ways


Weighing in at just 3.9MB, this tiny but powerful app measures network traffic, ports, connections, firewall settings and much, much more. if you were missing the network traffic icon that is missing in 7, this app adds it back.

Freeware though there is a paid Pro version.

Simple Internet Meter Lite Version

Permanently Delete Data using Cipher

delete data

Are you looking for a way to securely delete data from your computer hard disk so that there is no way it can possible be recovered? If so, you probably already know that you have to overwrite the section of the file system with new data in order for it to be completely gone. You can do this using the Cipher command in Windows.

Permanently Delete Data from Your PC

Use AutoPager For Continuous Scrolling Of Web Pages


Tired of clicking next on an article that you’re reading? AutoPager, an extension for Firefox, alleviates that task. Also available as a Greasemonkey script.

 AutoPager add-on v0.5.3.5

AutoPager homepage

Create 3D Buildings in Google Earth using Building Maker

make buildings

If you’ve ever used Google Earth, you may have noticed that certain buildings are able to be viewed in full 3D! That’s because Google lets anyone create 3D renderings of buildings all across the world. How so? Using Building Maker! Check it out.

Google Building Maker

eBay Transaction Heat-map of Black Friday 2009

eBay Holiday_ Black Friday 2009

Ever wonder what happened at eBay on the day of Black Friday 2009? eBay has put out a nice interactive map of all the transactions happened all over the US. It’s kind of like a heat-map of transactions happened all over the US on Black Friday. US Northeast must have ranked on the top followed by East in general.

Take a look at the eBay Black Friday 2009 Transaction Heat Map.

Share Files Easily Between PCs Using GBridge

share files

Looking for a way to remotely control another PC, share files, sync folders, or char securely? If so, Gbridge is your answer! It’s a free software based on Google’s GTalk service that creates an encrypted VPN connection between computers across the Internet.

Share Files Between Computers Over the Internet

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