eBay Transaction Heat-map of Black Friday 2009

eBay Holiday_ Black Friday 2009

Ever wonder what happened at eBay on the day of Black Friday 2009? eBay has put out a nice interactive map of all the transactions happened all over the US. It’s kind of like a heat-map of transactions happened all over the US on Black Friday. US Northeast must have ranked on the top followed by East in general.

Take a look at the eBay Black Friday 2009 Transaction Heat Map.

Share Files Easily Between PCs Using GBridge

share files

Looking for a way to remotely control another PC, share files, sync folders, or char securely? If so, Gbridge is your answer! It’s a free software based on Google’s GTalk service that creates an encrypted VPN connection between computers across the Internet.

Share Files Between Computers Over the Internet

Check Only Non-Microsoft Services That Are Running


Follow Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools to System Configuration (or type ‘config’ in Start>Search. Click on the Services tab and check ‘hide all Microsoft services’.

Reveal Passwords Hidden by Asterisks

reveal hidden passwords

You may have noticed that some programs will hide a saved password with asterisks. This is great unless you forget your password! Luckily, if it’s saved, you can still login, but instead of resetting your password, you can unhide it using Asterisk Logger. Awesome!

Reveal Hidden Passwords using Asterisk Logger

Use Seadragon to Manipulate Photos on the Web


Seadragon by Microsoft’s Live Labs, allows you to change the way to look at pictures. Take a .jpg or .png and change the viewing area and zoom. You can even share the results on Facebook and Twitter.

Seadragon from Live Labs

Link to original Amsterdam picture

Lookup Definitions of Words in 28 Languages using Google Dictionary

google dictionary

If you didn’t notice, Google has rolled out their own dictionary service which can give you the meaning of words in more than 28 different languages. You can also use it to translate words or phrases from or into English. It’s the usual super-clean Google interface and ultra-fast.

Google Dictionary

RK Launcher is our Favorite Dock App


Of all the docks we’ve tested and used through the years, RK Launcher is our favorite. Not everyone has a use for a docking app but do try this one if you haven’t already. RK Launcher is not updated very often but the download below links to a very stable version and the AquaSoft forums are very, very active.

RK Launcher

Aqua Soft’s RK Launcher forum

Looking for a Designer or Developer? Find One Fast!

find web designer

Need to get a website designed? Or maybe you need a programmer to help code your iPhone or Anroid app? BuildItWith.Me is a cool website that connects developers and designers with people who need work done.


About A Word, Use Wordnik To Find More Than A Definition


Wordnik gives you information about a word, not just a definition. Related words, images, statistics and even audio pronunciation are just some of the “information” you can find on a word. It’s a pretty cool site.


My Phone app for Windows Mobile 6+ phones


Easily sync data between your phone and the web. This is a new release of a very popular app.


My Phone website

Microsoft My Phone download v1.05 (released 12/4/09)

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