50 Great Commercial Parodies From Nerve.com


While you could find 50 great ones just from Saturday Night Live, this list includes entries from The Chappelle Show, MADtv, SCTV and many more. Some are truly classic :)

The 50 Greatest Commercial Parodies Of All Time

Look, The Sign Post Up Ahead


Pick a sign and a symbol, add some text and send a warning to someone you love. Or loathe.

Warning Sign Generator

Windows Virtual PC Settings Explained


Continuing our tips on Windows Virtual PC and Windows 7, we would like to share with you another guide which presents all Windows Virtual PC Settings. This tutorials presents them one by one and explains the differences between all available options. If you want to make Windows Virtual PC work the way you want to, then this guide is definitely for you.

How to Configure Windows Virtual PC Settings

Create Your Own Abstract Wallpapers


We just discovered this very cool online application which allows you to create your own wallpapers, share them with others and download them straight to your computer. You mix up different elements and backgrounds, apply the effects you desire, insert some text and you are done. Also, you get to share from a huge list of available resolutions. Isn’t this cool? Also, it’s completely FREE and no registration required.

Create your own Wallpaper – X3 Studios

Record Skype Calls with iFree Recorder

skype call recorder

If you use Skype a lot for talking with family, friends, clients, or business associates, you might run into a few instances where you would like to record the conversation. There are a lot of Skype call recording apps out there and one I recently tried out was iFree Recorder. It’s free with no limits attached and works really well.

iFree Recorder

Firefox Versus IE: The Icon


We love this icon and use it to replace the default one on our quick launch. Bravo to Daemon of DeviantArt. We did have to convert from .png, see Imagicon

Download the .png @ DeviantArt

Automatically Change The Size Of The Firefox Searchbox


The Searchbar Autosizer changes the size of the searchbar based on the length of the query, a predefined length or by keeping it the same size all the time. Very handy if long searches needed to be seem in their entirety. You can also set minimum and maximum pixels. 5 star rating review at the add-ons page.

Searchbar Autosizer homepage @ MozDev

Install Searchbar Autosizer v1.4.5 @ Firefox Add-ons

How to Install an Operating System in Windows Virtual PC


For those of you who are big fans of Windows 7 and the latest incarnation of Windows Virtual PC, the team from 7 Tutorials has published a very detailed tutorial on how to install an operating system in Windows Virtual PC. Not only this but it also explains what all available types of virtual hard disks are, how they work, what to choose, etc. Even though you are not a beginner geek, you might still find it useful.

How to Install an Operating System in Windows Virtual PC

How to Sync Google Calendar with iPhone

google calendar iphone

Got an iPhone? Use Google calendar? Wish you could see your Google calendar events on your iPhone? You can sync your calendar and iPhone in two ways: using the Exchange option or using CalDAV. If you already have corporate email setup with Exchange, you can read this article on how to set everything up using CalDAV.

Sync Google Calendar with iPhone

HAV – a Proper Virtualization Detection Tool


If you want to use any virtualization tool and you want to know if your processors is capable of hardware-assisted virtualization and, this feature is turned on in the BIOS, then HAV is the tool for you. This 180 KB free download from Microsoft gets the job done in seconds.

Microsoft Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool

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