Make Your Computer Super Fast in 99 Ways

fast computer

Has your computer been running slow lately? Overloaded registry? Or too many programs? Not enough RAM? Page file completely fragmented? There are a tons of reasons why your computer can be a hundred times slower than when you first bought and there are a lots of ways to make it faster. Check out this article that lists 99 ways to speed up your Windows PC.

99 Ways To Increase Computer Performance and Speed

3 Free Amazon MP3 Downloads


This has been all over the web today, $3 in free MP3 downloads from Amazon through November 30th.

Download free MP3s from Amazon

Hate Developing Web Pages for IE? Fix Common IE Bugs

common ie bugs

Are you a web developer? If so, you probably hate all the different versions of Internet Explorer and how each has its own quirks you have to work around. If you’re having issues, check out this great article that goes through 9 of the most common IE bugs and how to fix them! Definitely better than pulling your hair out!

9 Most Common IE Bugs

Find Related Websites using SimilarSites

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So you really like Tiny Hacker a lot? Or it’s parent blog, How-To Geek? Wish you could find more sites like these? Well you can! SimilarSites is a cool service that lets you type in the URL of a site you like and get back a list of sites that are similar! Go give it a shot with a couple of your favorite blogs.

Find Similar or Related Sites

Download New McAfee Avert Stinger


We like to alert our readers to any new version of Stinger, a standalone virus remover from McAfee. New versions are available approximately twice a year, this one is v10.0.1.688.

Avert Stinger

Create Your Own Animated Movies Online using MeMoov

create animated movie

Ever wanted to create your own animated video? MeMoov is a free online animation studio that lets you make full animated videos without needing any tech skills. You can choose a scene, make people walk, have them make faces, and even use your own voice to make them speak! Neat!

MeMoov Animation Studio

Read articles from more than 600 magazines for free at Maggwire

Maggwire_ Experience magazines online.

There are many other websites that bring you free magazines that you can read online. They allow you to choose a magazine and read the entire magazine. Maggwire takes a different approach in listing out the articles in those magazines and letting you choose which article to read. They’ve categorized these magazine articles into different categories so you choose them according to your taste. Did I tell you that they have articles from more than 600 magazine titles?

Read the best magazine articles at Maggwire.

Centrally Administer Windows 7 using Windows 7 In A Box

windows 7 in a box

If you just got Windows 7 and can’t find the setting or configuration option to make a specific change like Parental Controls or Theme Settings, then Windows 7 In A Box might be for you. It’s a free utility that puts all of the tools, settings, and programs in one place for easy access. Good for novice users!

Windows 7 In A Box

Compare Two Text Files for Differences using P4Merge

compare two files

Ever ran into the situation where you had two text files and needed to figure out what was different between the two? There are lots of file comparison utilities out there and P4Merge is one of the better ones. It highlights the differences and also has several comparison methods, so you can exclude whitespace differences, etc.

Compare Two Text Files For Differences

Sign out remotely from all your Gmail sessions

Gmail Activity information.jpg

I’m sure many of us must have run into this situation once in a while. In a hurry to do something else we must have forgot to sign-out from our email account. Many times we think we need to get back to the same computer to sign-out. Luckily, if you use Gmail then you don’t have to get back to the same computer to sign-out from your Gmail account. Gmail, nicely, allows you to remotely sign-out from all your Gmail sessions. That means, you can sign-out from all your Gmail sessions from any computer that you have access to.

Learn how to sign-out from all your Gmail sessions.

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