Preview Open Tabs With Tab Scope For Firefox


Form and function meet with configurable previews for open tabs. Just hover over a tab and it’s contents will show in real-time in any size you’d like.

Tab Scope download @ Firefox Add-ons

Tab Scope homepage

Jazz Up MMS on the iPhone using FunMail

funmail iphone

Before you shoot off a text message to a friend from your iPhone, consider using the free app FunMail. In a nutshell, it transforms your text message into a contextually-relevant picture that you can send via MMS. Worth checking out!

FunMail – Picture Messaging

Free Falling Politicians, Your Choice Of The Aisle



We’re apolitical but you can push your (least) favorite politician around. Just left click to throw them around. Dubya, Hillary and Sarkozy too.

Free Falling Politicians from PlanetDan

Find What You Are Looking for Fast using Windows Grep

windows grep

grep originally was a command line utility used to search for text in files on UNIX. It’s also a popular search utility on Linux. And now you can use this powerful tool in Windows! Windows Grep is a simple to use text search utility that lets you search multiple files at once using regular expressions.

Search Multiple Text Files

Gizmodo’s Comprehensive List Of Black Friday Bargains


A big thank you to Gizmodo for compiling a huge list of bargain electronics. Happy shopping.

Gizmodo’s Black Friday Deal Page

ESET Smart Security 4 – Good Security for Everyone


One of the very few security solutions which won the “Buy for Grandma!” award in the series of security reviews ran by 7 Tutorials, is ESET Smart Security 4. This might not come as a surprise, considering the great results ESET had in recent years with their NOD32 technology. If you want to know more about ESET Smart Security 4, the latest technologies it includes and how it performs, do check out this useful review.

Security for Everyone – Reviewing ESET Smart Security 4

Turn Your PC into a Streaming Music Server using Sockso


If you have an enormous MP3 music collection on your home PC, it will probably me kind of hard to listen to any song you want from anywhere in the world, unless you have an iPod. If you want to access your music from the Internet on any computer, you can setup a streaming music server using a free program called Sockso.

How to Setup a Streaming Music Server

Reliability Study: 1 in 3 Laptops fail over 3 years


The Christmas shopping season is now starting and many of you will consider buying a new laptop or netbook. If this is the case for you, then do consider this very interesting study on laptop and netbook reliability. It covers the reliability of laptops up to 3 years since purchase for all the major vendors (including Apple) and the reliability of netbooks up to a year since purchase. The study has some very surprising conclusions and, most likely you will be suprised to learn that HP is the worst in terms of laptop reliability while ASUS & Toshiba are the first. One conclusion that did not surprise me was that, one year in, netbooks fail 20% more often than laptops.

Laptop & Netbook reliability – 1 in 3 Laptops fail over 3 years


Mac, Windows, Linux. Now Google Chrome OS!

chrome os

We’ve all known for a while now that Google has been developing an OS that is supposed to run on netbooks and store everything in the cloud, but now you can actually try it out for yourself! If you know how to setup virtual machines, check out this article on how to get Chrome OS up and running!

Install Google Chrome OS

77 Windows 7 Tips from TechNet


Straight from the source, 77 tips that you’ll endorse.

77 Windows 7 Tips from Microsoft’s TechNet

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