Turn Your PC into a Streaming Music Server using Sockso


If you have an enormous MP3 music collection on your home PC, it will probably me kind of hard to listen to any song you want from anywhere in the world, unless you have an iPod. If you want to access your music from the Internet on any computer, you can setup a streaming music server using a free program called Sockso.

How to Setup a Streaming Music Server

Reliability Study: 1 in 3 Laptops fail over 3 years


The Christmas shopping season is now starting and many of you will consider buying a new laptop or netbook. If this is the case for you, then do consider this very interesting study on laptop and netbook reliability. It covers the reliability of laptops up to 3 years since purchase for all the major vendors (including Apple) and the reliability of netbooks up to a year since purchase. The study has some very surprising conclusions and, most likely you will be suprised to learn that HP is the worst in terms of laptop reliability while ASUS & Toshiba are the first. One conclusion that did not surprise me was that, one year in, netbooks fail 20% more often than laptops.

Laptop & Netbook reliability – 1 in 3 Laptops fail over 3 years


Mac, Windows, Linux. Now Google Chrome OS!

chrome os

We’ve all known for a while now that Google has been developing an OS that is supposed to run on netbooks and store everything in the cloud, but now you can actually try it out for yourself! If you know how to setup virtual machines, check out this article on how to get Chrome OS up and running!

Install Google Chrome OS

77 Windows 7 Tips from TechNet


Straight from the source, 77 tips that you’ll endorse.

77 Windows 7 Tips from Microsoft’s TechNet

Your Video Card and GPU Explained With a Tiny App


Much like our recent post on CPU’s, GPU-z details all pertinent statistical information for your video hardware and software.

GPU-z v0.3.7 download

With the Holidays Fast Approaching, Remember somEEcards


Smart, clever and downright sassy, somEEcards has a category that will offend just about any friend or family member. Perfect !


Add 50 Pidgin Plugins With One Download


The Plugin Pack for Pidgin, available in .zip or .exe, adds 50 configurable additions to Pidgin. Magic 8 Ball, Last Seen, Buddy Icon Tools and Auto reply are just some of the plugins you can use to make Pidgin more fun. Add to your ‘Purple’ directory and enjoy !

Plugin Pack homepage

Download Plugin Pack v2.6 .zip

Scroll Bars Only Have One Purpose? No Way!

scroll clock

Ok, this is not going to make you any more productive today, but it’s damn cool! If you thought those scroll bars could only be used for scrolling, not so fast! Some geeks decided to make a real-time clock using just scroll bars. Geeky and cool.

Scroll Clock

Tweak Your nVidia Video Card With Confidence


Learn how to optimize your nVidia video drivers with this comprehensive, step by step tutorial by Tweak Guides. Perfect for the curious or the serious gamer.   

nVidia Tweak Guide

The Webby Award Winners, All Best in Class Websites


Acknowledging outstanding websites in 70 categories, The Webby winners are all truly worthy sites to visit.  Games, blogs, banks, humor, activism, real estate, even ‘weird’ sites are represented.

The 2009 Webby Award winners

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