How to Restore Your iPhone

restore iphone

Tried to Jailbreak your iPhone, but it didn’t quite work out the way you wanted? Well luckily, Apple gives you an option to go back to being legal: restore. You can restore your iPhone to factory default settings and start fresh.

How to Restore Restore iPhone 3G/3GS

Best Movies Of All Time Map


An amazing map of related movies. click on map to enlarge

via Barry Ritholtz

Use Reliability Monitor in 7 to Assess Failed Events


Navigate to Control Panel\System and Security\Action Center\Reliability Monitor at least once a week to look for failed installation information and other useful tips on system events.

Forget OpenDNS, use Google Public DNS

google public dns

Have you been using OpenDNS on your computer or router recently? If so, it may be time to switch over the mother of all DNS resolvers, Google! They have just released Google Public DNS, a super fast and secure DNS resolver. Sweet.

Google Public DNS

This One Is For the Children, The NIEHS Kids’ Pages


The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has some cool pages you can share with little ones.

Clean. Safe. Fun.

The NIEHS Kids Pages

Improve The Audio In Vista And 7 With A Few Clicks


Go to Control Panel> Sound> Properties> Enhancements and check the boxes as noted above. You should notice an improvement in audio. You can also click the ‘Advanced’ tab and try to use the highest Studio Quality option.

Create Drawings Online And Share Them With Others using FlockDraw


Ever have an idea that you wanted to share with friends, family, or colleagues, but can’t put into words? FlockDraw is a super sleek (and free) tool you can use to create great looking drawings fast and share them with others or embed them on your website. Check it out!


Search for Software and Programming Manuals Online

manuals search engine

Just got a copy of Macromedia Dreamweaver or Adobe Photoshop? Or maybe you want to learn how to code in Java or PHP? Whatever the case, check out Manuals Search Engine, a custom Google search engine that lets you quickly search through thousands of software, programming, and tech manuals online.

Manuals Search Engine

Get U.S. Weather from NOAA On Your Mobile Phone

image provides up to the minute temperatures, maps, radar and forecasts for any U.S. zip code or region.

NOAA’s Mobile Web Page

How to Fix Master Boot Record Errors in XP and Vista

fix mbr

Ever start up your computer and get an error message like “Missing operating system” or “Error loading operating system”? Well, don’t worry, it’s usually just a corrupted or damaged Master Boot Record (MBR). Once fixed, everything loads fine. Read on.

Fix MBR in XP and Vista

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