Find the Original Location of an Email via the IP Address


Got an email from someone that you don’t know and need to figure out where it came from? Though it’s not an exact science and doesn’t work all the time, you can take a look at an email header to try and determine the original location of an email via it’s IP address.

Track original location of an email via IP address

Select Multiple Wallpapers for the Windows 7 Desktop Slideshow the Easy Way (Tiny Tips)


Windows 7 includes a great desktop slideshow feature that rotates between several wallpaper images on a timed schedule. The problem is that the wallpaper dialog isn’t as easy to use as just, say, browsing through your files.

All you really have to do is select a bunch of them in Explorer, and then do "Set as desktop background" from the context menu. Yeah, it’s a Tiny Tip.

Make the XP Volume Control Look Like Windows 7


Jealous of the slick Windows 7 volume controls? You can get the same thing on XP with an add-on application that mimics the look & feel. Or you should just think about upgrading, Windows 7 is great!

Windows 7 Volume mod for XP

Turn Your Windows 7 Laptop into a Wi-Fi Hotspot


This free tool helps you turn your Windows 7 laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot and share your connection with others. Connectify is free to use but you have to register before downloading it.

Connectify via PC World

Prevent Pages from Automatically Refreshing


Hate those pages that automatically refresh every couple of minutes? We do too. If you are using IE, just head to Tools –> Options, go to the Security tab, click Custom Level, then find Allow META REFRESH and disable it.

Want the same thing in Firefox? Lifehacker has the answer: head into about:config and change accessibility.blockautorefresh to true.

Save Firefox Bookmark Searches to Make Dynamic Folders


Ever wanted a customized folder on your Firefox Bookmarks bar that just shows whatever bookmarks that match your search terms?

Open up the bookmark organizer (Ctrl+Shift+B), do a search through your bookmarks, click Save, give it a name, and then drag the new search bar (at the bottom of the Bookmarks Menu) over to the Bookmarks bar (or wherever else you want it).

Change Command Prompt Colors and Fonts (Tiny Tips)


Tired of the old white font on black background of the command prompt? Right-click the title bar, choose Properties, and set the colors, fonts and width on the Colors tab 🙂

Add Google Search to the Right-Click Menu in IE


Have you ever wanted to quickly perform a Google search on some piece of text you read while browsing the Internet in IE? With a little registry hack, you can add an option to the right-click context menu in IE to add this capability.

Add Google Search to Right-Click Context Menu in IE

Turn Task Manager Into a CPU Usage Widget


Open up Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc), and just double-click any of the graphs to make it transform into a little widget that shows you that single meter. Double-click it again to turn it back. Works in all version of Windows, and can be used for Network view as well (in Windows 7 at least).

Having Problems with Microsoft Security Essentials? One-Click Fix! (Maybe)


We’ve had nothing but awesome luck with Microsoft Security Essentials, but if you have problems you can try out this little utility that resets all the settings to the default values. We haven’t tested it, but the Windows Club guys usually put out good stuff. (And don’t use it unless you have problems!)


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