Police Wants to Use Crime Predicting Software; Will it Help?


In the aftermath of Ferguson, St. Louis cops embrace crime predicting software. Will it help?

Policing the Future

Story of Uber’s Rebranding

uber rebranding

You must have seen Uber’s new logo by now. WIRED has an in-depth on its rebranding. Check it out.

The Inside Story of Uber’s Radical Rebranding

Using VLC on Apple TV

VLC on Apple TV

Here’s how to play videos on your Apple TV using VLC media player.

How to Play Media on Your Apple TV Using VLC Player

The Calorie Might be Broken

Calorie might be broken

Interesting Gizmodo article on why the calorie is broken.

Why the Calorie Is Broken

Use these Android Apps For Sending SMS for Free

Android apps free texting

Check out these Androids apps that help you send text messages for free.

3 Great Android Apps That Let You Text For Free

Smartflix: Make Netflix Give You More


Netflix has mentioned that it will soon crack down on services that use VPN to help users access its entire catalogue, but till the time it doesn’t, you can use Smartflix to access its catalogue around the world.


Cool Way to Use the Live Photos Feature in iPhone

Top 10 Ways to Get Inspired Taking iPhone 6s Live Photos

Here are some really cool ways to use iPhone’s Live Photos feature.

Top 10 Ways to Get Inspired Taking iPhone 6s Live Photos


Get Rid of Audio from a Video Using VLC

Yes, you can completely strip a video off its audio using VLC. Here’s both the article and the video.

Article: How to Remove Audio (Mute) a Video using VLC and YouTube

Video: Remove Audio from Video Using VLC

Find that Brand Color Code Easily


A useful site to quickly find out the hex code of an official brand color.


iPad Pro Reviews

The iPad Pro reviews are in, and surprisingly, they do not seem to be unanimous in Apple praise. Here are some of the prominent ones.

Mossberg: The iPad Pro can’t replace your laptop totally, even for a tablet lover

Gruber: The iPad Pro

Ars Technica: iPad Pro review: Mac-like speed with all the virtues and restrictions of iOS

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