Zelda Classic Does Retro NES With New Quests


Zelda Classic is a complete PC game re-write of the ancient, but awesome, Legend of Zelda game for the NES console—but you can even download new quests, or build your own. It’s just loads of fun.

Zelda Classic

FastStone Capture v 5.3, last freeware version


FastStone Capture is easily in the top 5 of the all time great screen capture programs. The free version even offers text annotation, cropping and dozens of other features. The latest shareware version is 6.5 and costs $19.95 for a lifetime license.

FastStone Capture v5.3 freeware

FastStone Capture v6.5 shareware

EULAlyzer by Javacool Software


The coders of Spyware Blaster wrote a lesser known app that is quite handy. EULAlyzer scans End User License Agreements for keywords that might compromise your privacy or security. A pro version runs in real time.


Who Needs Win7 Eye Candy? Use the Windows 3.1 Theme Instead!


That’s right, you can have the amazing Windows 3.1 interface for yourself. Just install WindowBlinds and then download this skin (there’s one for XP and one for Vista).

Windows 3.11 Vista

Microsoft’s Fix it Solution Center


Less than a year old, Microsoft’s Fix it site has offered one-click fixes for many common Windows problems. Clearly this was long overdue but kudos to Redmond for devoting the resources to launch and sustain this site.

Fix It !

Use EventID to help identify Windows events and errors



Using Event Viewer in Windows is often the first step taken in troubleshooting system problems. EventID drills down specific event codes and helps you find solutions. This is a free site with a subscription option that adds more benefits.


Talk like a hacker…or a Swedish chef, your choice


This site is so old, many people haven’t seen it 🙂

Translate some text or whole web pages in your choice of Hacker, Swedish Chef, Moron, Jive, Cockney, Elmer Fudd or Pig Latin. As we say around here, “tiny tiPs fr oteh common gEek”.

The Dialectizer

LocateTV – easily find when your favorite actors and movies are on


A great complimentary site to the previously reviewed TitanTV is LocateTV. Locate will show you when your favorite actors and actresses, movies and TV shows are on locally. Get email or RSS reminders and share with friends too.


Norton Internet Security 2010 – Good Security for Everyone


Norton has made a serious redesign of its security solution. Therefore, Norton Internet Security 2010 packs a very futuristic interface and some very interesting features. To find out about the end result, check out this review:

Security for Everyone – Reviewing Norton Internet Security 2010

VistaSwitcher is an Awesome Alt-Tab Replacement


Sick and tired of the weak Alt-Tab built into Windows? Check out VistaSwitcher for a much more interesting replacement, complete with previews and awesomeness. Seriously. Awesome.


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