How To Get Aero Glass on Windows XP


That’s right, you can actually get an application that gives you Aero Glass on your Windows XP machine. Basically, after installing it will modify your title bars to make them look like they are running Aero, complete with the transparent effects. Neat!

Border Skin

BondsOnline provides analysis on all things debt related


OK, this is for the capitalist geek. BondsOnline is a highly respected financial website. We read the daily commentary because it gives us insights we would usually have to pay for. Read a bit at a time until you’re comfortable with the content.

BondsOnline Daily Analysis

GoodPassword Generates Secure Passwords Online


Yeah, there’s loads of ways to generate a secure password, but if you need to quickly create a secure password without any additional applications, check out all the options at the Good Password web site.

A tiny Color Picker app that does more


ColorPix is a free app that helps you to find and replicate colors by RGB and HEX. Have you ever wanted to know exactly what shade of orange that item was? Zoom in 1600% and now you can locate it right down to the pixel. Ultra light on resources and easy to use, we think very highly of this tiny program.

ColorPix by ColorSchemer

Like the Olympics? You’ll love Universal Sports coverage


World cup downhill and cross county skiing, ski jumping, gymnastics, swimming and track & field are just some of the sports you can follow all year round through the Universal Sports website. Check broadcast schedules, much of it live, easily through:

Universal Sports schedule

BetterPrivacy for better privacy


We do enjoy sharing Firefox addons that extend a users privacy. BetterPrivacy protects against super cookies, “undeletable longterm cookies”. This extension has a few options that you can enable including deletion of these super cookies at Firefox startup, shutdown and by automatic timer. So far this addon has deleted 2563 super cookies for us since early 2009.

Download version 1.29 stable for Firefox 3.5

Download version 1.44 from NettiCat’s website

Say “GoodBye!” to Forgotten Attachments in Outlook 2007


If you’re the corporate type who spends most of his day in Microsoft Outlook 2007, then you’ve got to install this add-on. It will save you from apologizing that you forgot “yet again!” to attach that report.

Forgotten Attachment Detector for Microsoft Office 2007 via Corporate Geek

BitDefender Internet Security 2010 – Good Security for Geeks


BitDefender, one of the best security vendors on the market, has recently launched their 2010 version of BitDefender Internet Security. If you want to know what’s new and how well it works, check out this review.

Security for Everyone – Reviewing BitDefender Internet Security 2010

What is Conhost.exe on Windows 7 Systems?


Curious what the new conhost.exe process does on your Windows 7 machine? Turns out it’s a fancy new tweak that enables drag & drop to your command prompt, since that didn’t work in Vista.

What is conhost.exe and Why Is It Running?

Use TACO in Firefox to stop advertising networks in their tracks


TACO sets opt-out cookies to minimize the chances of you being tracked all over the web. It’s really that simple. Installing this extension will not slow you down or inhibit surfing in any way. We use it and highly recommend it.

Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out (TACO)

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