Upload Files to VirusTotal Easily

VirusTotal Upload File

If you’ve never heard of the online VirusTotal scanning tool, then you’ve been missing out: You can upload a file to them and scan it with almost every virus scanning engine you can think of, to tell you if a file really has a virus or not.

This extension for Windows lets you just Send To \ VirusTotal to upload the files more easily.

VirusTotal – Free Online Virus and Malware Scan – Email/Uploader | via

Run a Linux Live CD on Windows Easily

MobaLiveCD Screenshot

If you are doing a lot of testing of different versions of Linux you typically download the LiveCD images of each one so you can “try it before you buy it”, so to speak. The problem is that you have to either burn them to disc or use an emulation platform like VMWare or VirtualBox. If you don’t want to bother setting all that up, you can use the simple MobaLiveCD application to run the LiveCD in a window, powered by the Qemu layer.

MobaLiveCD – Run your LiveCD on Windows

Remember Insane Passwords With the Password Chart

 Password Chart

If you want to be really secure online, you should probably have a different password for every single website… but that gets extremely painful to remember. Sure, you can also use Keepass or another password manager instead, but what if you aren’t in front of a computer that has your password database?

You can use the password chart from any web-based computer, and type in two phrases to generate the password. Typically you’d use the name of the site as one, and then your secret password as the other. All of the calculation is done client-side so there’s not a security problem.

Password Chart

Delay Your WordPress RSS Feeds to Catch Errors In Time

Delay WordPress RSS

Have you ever posted something too quickly and then regretted it, and had to quickly change it before it got picked up in RSS readers? I’ve personally had this happen to me dozens of times, and it always seems like Feedburner will pick up the post instantly, with your errors in place.

From the site:

Some of you know this problem already, you publish a post and while you are publishing you notice an error. That’s very annoying, the error is in your feed an published to the whole world.

That happened quite often to me, my fellow readers a writing comments so fast, right after publishing, to tell me about some errors I made, it’s unbelievable. So I thought I should create a workaround to have the feed published a little bit later, even 5 minutes can be helpful. Here we go:

Publish The Feed Later – WP Engineer

Complete List of Windows 7 Anti-Virus Tools


If you are looking for an AntiVirus application that works for the Windows 7 beta, you should look no further than this list of most of the popular software packages out there.

List of Anti-Virus Software Compatible with Windows 7

Ever Wondered How Anti-Aliasing Works?


If you’ve worked with image editors or just researched video cards for gaming purposes you’ve probably heard the term "Anti-Aliasing"… but what does that mean in geek terms?

This article gives you a great explanation of the actual algorithm and how that determines the pixels on the screen. Well worth a read for ubergeeks.

Anti-Aliased Line Drawing

Keep Your Outlook PST Backed Up

 Keep Outlook PST Backed Up

If you’ve ever tried to backup your Outlook PST file while it’s in use, you’ve probably noticed that it just simply won’t copy. Sure, if you are an ubergeek you can use some command line magic to copy locked files, but who wants to do that?

The Microsoft-provided Outlook Personal Folders Backup utility will let you automate backing up your PSTs to separate files, which can be backed up without file locks. Sweet!

Download details: Outlook 2007/2003/2002 Add-in: Personal Folders Backup

Manage Your To-Do Items From the Shell

Manage Todo From Shell

Some of us are command line junkies… it may not make sense, but we prefer to do everything from the shell if possible. We even know that ack is better than grep or how to kill Windows with just 3 keystrokes, after all.

Today’s fun tool is called Tofu, and it’s a dirt simple To-Do list manager implemented as a simple Perl script, meaning it will probably work for people using Windows (although you wouldn’t get colors). 

Tofu: plain (stupid) text-based todo(s) manager

Start Command Line Apps and Batch Files in Hide Mode

 Hide Batch Files

If you are still a fan of old-school batch files, or you want to start up a command line application but don’t want to see the window, you might want to take a look at the simple Hidden Start, or HStart utility, which lets you easily do just that.

Hidden Start – run apps in the background – NTWind Software

What Are All These Processes?

 Windows Process List

Have you ever wondered what all those processes are when you look in Task Manager? Even if they aren’t using way too much CPU and memory, it just seems unlikely that they all need to be running… but which one do you disable, and how?

Here’s a quick list of 15 of the more common services, and the answer to your questions.

Hit the links for each item to see a full description of each item and what it does, and whether you can disable it.

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