Get a Windows Live ID with Any Email Address

Windows Live ID

You may not realize this, but you can use Windows Live with any email address, not just an @hotmail address. I was completely unaware that you could do it until I read the article from the excellent Simple Help blog, which you should subscribe to.

Windows Live ID | via Simple Help

Go Retro: Emulate any Nintendo Game

Super Mario 3 Emulated

We’re no strangers to emulators here on TinyHacker, but there have been so many consoles over the years that it’s hard to figure out exactly how to emulate your favorite retro video game so you can play them on your computer.

The good folks over at Simple Help have written up exactly how to do just that, organized by console. Well worth a read.

How to emulate every Nintendo system in Windows – Simple Help

Put Pidgin Contacts into the Vista Sidebar

Pidgin Vista Sidebar

This is the first actually useful gadget I’ve seen for the Vista Sidebar, with the possible exception of the Weather gadget… it does the very simple job of putting your Pidgin buddy list into the sidebar.

Hit the link for the full explanation of how to install and use it.

Put Your Pidgin Buddy List into the Windows Vista Sidebar :: the How-To Geek

Pick a Random Item From a List in Excel

Random Excel List Item

If you’ve ever tried to run a random office pool, or wanted to do a random giveaway for your website’s visitors, you’ve probably wondered the best way to randomly pick from a group of people.

The Productivity Portfolio runs down a quick way to generate a random number in Excel, combined with sorting a list to figure out a random item from the list. Hit the link for the full explanation. 

Use Excel RANDBETWEEN to Select List Names – Productivity Portfolio

Save Time While Writing Word Documents

Save Time in Word

The Hack Your Day blog has a great tip for those of us that spend a lot of time in Microsoft Word each day, although it would apply to Open Office users as well:

Around 90% of the time people who write a Word document will format as they go along. This is probably the biggest mistake you can make when creating any document, here’s why, and how to stop doing it.

My thought is that you should usually define the "Structure" of a document as you go along… which items are H2 vs H3, and then clean up the styling later on.

Hack Your Day » How to save time when styling a Word document

All Todo Lists Should be Simple like Doomi

Simple Todo List Doomi

If you need a dead-simple Todo list to remind you of what needs to be done today, look no further than the Adobe AIR-based Doomi application. When it’s not being used it minimizes to the system tray, or shrinks down into just the "new" box.

Doomi. A to do list application.

Test Your System Memory with the Memtest Boot CD

Memtest Boot ISO CD

If you are having problems with your computer, running a memory test is always a good idea, and nothing makes the process simpler than creating a Memtest86+ boot CD… especially since they provide pre-built ISO images for you.

Memtest86+ – Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

Easily Post to WordPress via Firefox

Wordpress Quick Post Firefox Extension

In the quest to more easily post for this blog, I’ve come across WordPress Post, a simple little extension that lets you automate posting content to your blog.

Personally I won’t use it, since I can’t add images, but it’s pretty cool otherwise.

WordPress Post on

Kid and Cat Proof Your PC’s Keyboard

Kid Proof the Keyboard

CrazyLittleFingers is a simple application that disables the screen, somewhat like a screensaver, but makes pressing the keys generate different pictures or sounds, probably entertaining the kid enough that they’ll smash your keyboard and drool all over it.

CrazyLittleFingers | via

Enter Form Fields in Firefox Easily

Firefox Form Fields

Rather than using extensions that try and auto-fill all of the forms, this awesome extension just adds a little icon next to the form fields that lets you choose from a couple of really common options, making it great for forms with weird field names on sites you might not come back to often enough to setup autofill normally.

InFormEnter :: Firefox Add-ons

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