Monitor PC Performance in the System Tray

 System Tray Monitor Performance

The application can hide in the Windows system tray, giving you a bunch of meters for quick access:


Really quite an interesting application, almost like minimizing Task Manager to the System Tray.


Use the HP Virtualized Firefox Security Mode

 HP Firefox Security Mode

From the page:

With Mozilla Firefox for HP Virtual Solutions, the SVS application virtualization technology from Symantec™ further protects your PC by containing Firefox – and everything you do on the Web! – in a “virtual layer”

Basically, it looks like the application is wrapped in a virtual layer, which can be reset to defaults by a menu item. I don’t really understand the point though, since it’s running software AFTER downloading that usually gets you.

Mozilla Firefox for HP Virtual Solutions

Resize Photos with a Right-Click

 Right-Click Resize Photos

This little tool has been around for a long time, but I didn’t know about it. Pretty useful… just right-click on an image and choose Resize, then you can resize it. Works on XP or Vista.

Image Resizer PowerToy | via

Command Line Tools to Move In-Use Files

Move Locked Files 

Files can’t be moved when they’re in use by the operating system or an application. If a file is constantly in use, you can schedule Windows Vista to move the file during startup using the MoveFile tool, which you can download for free.

Use MoveFile and PendMoves to Move a File That is Always in Use

ack is better than grep

ack not grep

If you are a command line junkie, you should think about switching from grep to ack. It can even do color-coded results if you are using it on Linux.

ack — better than grep, a power search tool for programmers

SPF Setup Wizard

 spf setup wizard

If you run an email server or even if you are using Google Apps, you should probably enable SPF to make sure your emails get through. This is a quick wizard that helps you with that.

The SPF Setup Wizard

Disable Startup Items Easily

disable startup items

The Disable Startup application warns you anytime an application tries to add itself to your startup.

Disable Startup | via

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