Three ways to learn when Windows was installed

More details are found in this tutorial: When was Windows Installed on My Computer?

How good is the Surface RT in daily use?

Ed Bott has published an overview of his 60 day experience with the Surface RT and shares some interesting insights below.

My 60 days with the Surface RT

SAMSUNG Launches its First Windows Phone 8 Smartphone in the U.S. with Verizon Wireless

Samsung has finally jumped onto the Windows Phone 8 bandwagon by launching the ATIV S.  It’s essentially a Galaxy S III in Windows Phone clothing.

More details here: Samsung Windows Phone 8 Handsets Finally Coming to the US


How good is the Surface Pro?

Learn all about it from this review: Surface Pro: an in-depth look at Microsoft’s super tablet


Add a Clock to the Windows 8 Start Screen

One of the little annoyances of the new Start screen is that it doesn’t show the time. You can fix that by installing an app. Here’s how:

How to Add a Clock Showing the Time on the Windows 8 Start Screen

The last Calvin and Hobbes comic, Happy New Year !



Calvin and Hobbes

2012: The Year in Pictures


Interactive slideshow from the New York Times.

Year in Pictures

Acer Iconia W510 – Is it a Worthy Alternative to Surface RT?

Learn the answer to this question and more from this detailed review: Acer Iconia W510 with Intel Atom Clover Trail gives Microsoft Surface RT a run for its money

How to Fetch Files From Any of Your Computers with SkyDrive

SkyDrive can be set to give you remote access to all the files found on your computers where the application is installed. This feature is handy in many situations.

How to Fetch Files Remotely from Your Computers Using SkyDrive

How many of your Twitter followers are real?

Find out by using this free tool: Twitter Audit

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