Interview with Steve Balmmer



A good read. Not very long though. šŸ™‚ He talks Surface, Windows 8 and Microsoft’s vision for the future.

Q+A Ā Steve Ā Ballmer


How to Create Free Custom Ringtones for Any Smartphone


Learn all the details from this tutorial on how to useĀ Ringtone Maker. The tool works for all major platforms, from Windows Phone to Android and iOS.

Create Free Custom Ringtones for Any Smartphone with Ringtone Maker



Uninstall Java Immediately


Yes, if you still have Java on your PC, you should uninstall it now. This post shows you how and gives you the reasons why you should.

How to Completely Remove and Uninstall Java From Windows PC

Original Illustrations in a HD Windows Theme



Check out this great theme for Windows 7 and Windows 8, featuring works crafted by artistĀ Jozsef Vass.

Uncovering Artists Through Windows Themes ā€“ Jozsef Vass


Windows Phone 8 Tutorials


If you have bought a Windows Phone 8 device recently or are contemplating buying one then you should go through these tutorials on Guiding Tech.

Windows Phone 8 Posts on Guiding Tech

Customized Android Locking


An interesting app that lets you customize how and when Android is locked.


Jailbreaking iOS 6


Learn how to easily jailbreak an iPhone running iOS 6 or above.

How To Jailbreak iOS Devices Running iOS 6 or Higher With Evasi0n

Easy Translation in Chrome


Nice add-on for easy translation in Chrome.

Translate selection

Comodo Internet Security Pro 2013 Review



Many use Comodo’s free security products. But do they make also good commercial security solutions?Ā Comodo Internet Security Pro 2013 – is it worth buying?

Learn this and more, from this thorough review:Ā Security for Everyone – Reviewing Comodo Internet Security Pro 2013

Saving Battery on Android and iOS


Here are not 1 but 9 ways to save battery on both iPhone and Android phones.

9 Useful Ways to Preserve Battery in an iPhone

9 Useful Ways to Preserve Battery in an Android

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