Know the Opposite Point on Earth


A simple but interesting tool to know the opposite point of a certain location on earth.


Sync Clipboards Between PC and Android


Android app to sync clipboards between computer and phone.


Fix Crashing or Apps Not Opening on iOS


A guide on fixing issue of apps crashing or not opening on iOS.

How to Fix the Issue of Apps Not Opening or Apps Crashing on iPhone

Wireless Router Review – ASUS RT-N56U

ASUS claims this is the world’s fastest wireless router. Is it really that fast? Learn this and more, from this review:

Reviewing the ASUS RT-N56U – Is it Really the Fastest Wireless Router?

Saving Battery on iPhone and Android


Here are 9 battery saving tips each for iPhone and Android.

9 Useful Ways to Preserve Battery in an Android

9 Useful Ways to Preserve Battery in an iPhone

Great Tools For a Better Windows 8 Experience


Need a smoother and better Windows 8 experience? Check out these tools.

7 Killer Tools To Improve Your Windows 8 Experience

Don’t forget to Add the Media Center to Windows 8 Pro for Free

The offer for free Media Center ends January 31, 2013, so do this sooner rather than later. Details on how this works can be found here:

Add Windows Media Center to Windows 8 Pro

How Good is Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2013 at Securing Your PC?

Trend Micro has launched their 2013 edition of security products that are compatible with Windows 8. Are there any improvements versus the 2012 edition? Do they perform well?

Find out from this detailed review: Security for Everyone – Reviewing Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2013

What Is Ransomware and How to Avoid It


We’re hearing more and more, online and via word of mouth, that Ransomware, the practice of holding your infected PC hostage until a fee is paid, is increasing to epidemic proportions. Below is a link to a New York Times article describing the practice and steps you can take to insure you don’t fall victim.

From the article: “Researchers say criminals now use victims’ Internet addresses to customize ransom notes in their native tongue. Instead of pornographic images, criminals flash messages from local law enforcement agencies accusing them of visiting illegal pornography, gambling or piracy sites and demand they pay a fine to unlock their computer.”

Please read this and advise any friend or family member that may be vulnerable.

For PC Virus Victims, Pay or Else

Ski Safari – The Best Mobile Game of 2012


Free for a limited time but well worth the usual .99, Ski Safari is one of those games that just grabs your attention, much like last year’s Jetpack Joyride. Ski down four different mountains, jumping, grinding, surfing through hills, tunnels and clouds. Ride a snow machine, a penguin or even a Yeti. This game is very highly rated in our home but more importantly, world-wide.

 Ski Safari at iTunes or at Google Play

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