Office 2013: What’s New? How Much It Costs? Where to Buy?



A complete overview of what’s new, including key features, pricing/purchasing options and what other reviewers had to say about it.

What’s New in Office 2013 and Office 365? Where to Buy It?


Office 365 Home Premium – Is it any good?


This is one of the lengthiest reviews published so far for Office 365 Home Premium. It does a good job at highlighting both the positives and the negatives of the new Office.

Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium – Review by PC Mag




Puppy Bowl IX @ 3pm EST on Animal Planet


Puppies galore on Animal Planet TV and online:

Puppy Bowl IX

Nate Silver Picks the Super Bowl Winner


New York Times political analyst Nate Silver bets on the best defense.

Nate Silver picks the Super Bowl !

Bluetooth? Why it matters and how to get it.



A very useful article, sharing valuable information about Bluetooth and how to get Bluetooth, even on your Desktop PC:

Simple Questions: What is Bluetooth & How to Get it on Your Computer?

Razer Edge Pro – The First Gaming Tablet, Powered by Windows 8


The most detailed presentation you will find so far, about this awesome device:

Hands-on with Razer’s Edge, a $999 gaming tablet / home console


The Ed Bott Report shines on Java Update issue


No unwanted addons, please.

A close look at how Oracle installs deceptive software with Java updates

How to Steal Someone’s Watch


A really interesting piece from The New Yorker, presenting the story of a “thief” and magician at the same time:

A Pickpocket’s Tale – The spectacular thefts of Apollo Robbins


Belkin AC 1000 DB – Is it worth buying an AC Wi-Fi router?


Learn the answer to this question and more, from this review:

Reviewing the Belkin AC 1000 DB Wi-Fi Dual-Band AC+ Gigabit Router


Microsoft Office 2013 editions, features and pricing details


Microsoft Office 2013 is about to be launched soon. Paul Thurrott shares some juicy details about what it will have to offer, the plans and editions available and their cost.

Here Comes the Next Office



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