Windows 8 for Dummies – Is it Worth Buying?


Learn more about this book and what it has to offer, from this review: Book Review – Windows 8 for Dummies

Cool Safari for iOS Tips


Safari users on iOS, check these out.

4 Little Known Advanced Tips for Safari on iOS

Nokia Have Had their First Great Quarter in Years


Nokia has shared their first good news in years. Learn more about the success of the new Lumia line-up with Windows Phone 8, from this news article:

Nokia sold 4.4 million Lumia smartphones in ‘solid’ Q4 2012; results ‘exceeded expectations’


Hilarious iPhone Video


The guy tries to imitate Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver except that here it’s an iPhone instead of a gun!

Japanese Guy’s iPhone Quick-Draw System

The Most Awesome Features of the SkyDrive Web App

1-13-2013 6-58-53 PM

Really good reasons to give SkyDrive a try: 10 Reasons Why the SkyDrive Web App is Awesome

Best Android Racing Games


Top Android racing games, both free and paid.

Top 5 Racing Games for Android (Free and Paid)

Do More With Your Microwave


Are you one of the millions of microwave users who use it only for reheating? You should take a look at this one then.

Creating a Dish, Not Just Reheating One

Useful PS3 Guides


PS3 users, check out some of these helpful guides to enhance your experience with the device.

How To Play and Control YouTube Videos on PS3 Using Your iPhone

Manage Your PS3 Downloads and PSN Account Right From Your PS3

How to Add Subtitles to PS3 Videos and Make PS3 Read .SRT Files

How to Download and Change Your PS3′s Wallpaper Without a Computer

Three ways to learn when Windows was installed

More details are found in this tutorial: When was Windows Installed on My Computer?

How good is the Surface RT in daily use?

Ed Bott has published an overview of his 60 day experience with the Surface RT and shares some interesting insights below.

My 60 days with the Surface RT

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