Interesting Collection of Hand-picked Videos


Devour is an interesting site that contains curated videos from around the web.


Viber is a Free Calling App for iPhones


You can make free calls from one iPhone to another using this app.

How to Make Free iPhone to iPhone International Calls With Viber

Are You Interested in the How-To Geek Guide to Windows 8?

Before you purchase it, read this honest, down-to-earth book review, published by 7 Tutorials.

Book Review – The How-To Geek Guide to Windows 8

editor’s note: The Geek, founder of this site and friend to all, is not the final arbiter of content posted here. If this, and other reviews of his latest endeavor are glowing, it’s for no other reason that he’s just that talented a writer.

Using Gmail in Windows 8 Mail


Learn how to set up Gmail in the Windows 8 mail app.

How to Add and Configure Gmail in Windows 8 Mail App

Share and Discover Creative Work at Behance


Behance is one of the best sites for showcasing your online portfolio if you are a creative professional and finding great creative talent if you are someone who’s on the hunt.


How to Check the Weather in Windows 8

The Weather app is one of my favorites in Windows 8. It’s small, looks and works great and shares data from multiple sources. To learn more, check this guide:

Introducing Windows 8: The Complete Guide to the Weather App

The Best Captions Ever


People upload photos to this site with a caption… and that’s the best part. You’ll know when you see the captions.

Using Your iPhone as a Remote


Well, not for TV, but you can certainly use it as remote for your Mac or PC and control it right from the iOS interface using the instructions given in the following guide.

5 Best iOS Apps to Use iPhone as a PC or Mac Remote Control

Goodreads: Keep Track of Books You Read


Goodreads is the ultimate destination for bookworms, period.


Setting Up Remote Desktop in Windows 8


The following two guides should help you in setting up remote desktop connections in Windows 8.

How to Enable Remote Desktop in Windows 8

Using Remote Desktop App in Windows 8 For Remote Connections

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