Looking for Free Internet Security Suites?

Checkout this short roundup: Best Free Internet Security Suites for Windows

The 5 Ring Circus Begins


Daily Infographic

Cool Tip: Set Custom Icons and Labels for Removable Drives


Geek fun.  :)

How to Set A Custom Icon & Label For Removable Drives (Memory Sticks, Hard Disks, etc)

Windows 8 will be available on October 26th


via Blogging Windows an official Redmond blog.

Office 2013 Video Preview

Planned October 2012 release


Tips for the Customer Preview of Outlook 2013 (Beta)


Provided by none other than the erudite, and all around good guy, Roady. His How-to Outlook site is one of the best sources for all issues pertaining to any version of Outlook.

24 Short questions and tips for Outlook 2013

A Server is a Funny Looking Box

Daughter, it won’t be there for long.

via Make Use Of

13 Days and Counting, Download NBC’s Official Olympic Media Guide


Chock full of interesting facts, figures and bios for the venue hosts. 182 pages, in .pdf

NBC’s Olympic Media Guide

Two books for geeks – One giveaway

Details here: Read 7 Tutorials and Win Geeky Books

Infographic: Interesting Stats about the SEO Industry

How big is the SEO Industry on the Internet? – An infographic by the team at BlueCaribu

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