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Data Never Sleeps via Neowin

Integrate Google Docs with Windows Phone

The following tutorial shows: How to Access Google Docs from Your Windows Phone

Free Music ! $2 MP3 Credit at Amazon


Through 7/1/2012 via RetailMeNot. Sadly, U.S. only.

Learn about the next generation Xbox

Details from a leaked presentation, can be read here: Next Generation Xbox Preview

It is really interesting to see what Microsoft has planned for the next Xbox.

Infographich: How Love Helps!

love helps infographic



Top Security Apps For Android


Worried about security of your data on your Android phone? You should check out these useful apps then.

The Best Apps to Secure Your Android Phone

What is a Service in Windows?

This in-depth tutorial explains what are Windows services, what is their role in the operating system and how to manage them.

What Are Windows Services, What They Do & How To Manage Them

Secure Your MS Office Docs Using Passwords


Learn how to secure your MS Office 2007 docs using passwords without the need of a separate software to do that.

How to Password Protect MS Office (2007) Documents Without Using Third Party Tools

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