Clever Viral Video, Filmmaker Talks to Himself

One of the best video’s of 2012

Should Microsoft retire its tarnished brands?

A well written piece from Ed Bott:

Is it time for Microsoft to ‘retire’ its tarnished brands?

From the article: “…having as part of your primary email address suggests to the world—at least that part of the world that is bordered by San Francisco on the north and San Jose on the south—that you spend your days feeding pigeons in the park and screaming at little kids to get off your lawn.”

Don’t hesitate to comment and share your opinion. Image via

The Steelseries Diablo 3 mouse – is it worth buying?

Learn from this detailed review: Steelseries Diablo 3 Mouse Review – Is it Worthy of Its Name?

Free ebooks from Microsoft Press


Microsoft Press

Applesoft Tablet?



Some Like it Funny


Every Minute of the Day


Data Never Sleeps via Neowin

Integrate Google Docs with Windows Phone

The following tutorial shows: How to Access Google Docs from Your Windows Phone

Free Music ! $2 MP3 Credit at Amazon


Through 7/1/2012 via RetailMeNot. Sadly, U.S. only.

Learn about the next generation Xbox

Details from a leaked presentation, can be read here: Next Generation Xbox Preview

It is really interesting to see what Microsoft has planned for the next Xbox.

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