Internet Explorer 10 (preview) Comes to Windows 7 in November

More details in this blog post from Microsoft: IE10 on Windows 7 available in November

Windows 8 Step by Step – Book Review & Giveaway

If you are looking for a good book about Windows 8, the Windows Club recommends Windows 8 Step by Step, from Microsoft Press. They published a pretty good review about it and are also giving away 5 digital copies of the book.

Windows 8 Step by Step Book From Microsoft Press – Review & Giveaway




Via xkcd

Want Norton 2013? Read this review first

In this article you will learn about the real performance of their latest security suite and some surprising facts about the 2013 version.

Security for Everyone – Reviewing Norton Internet Security 2013

A Look Into the Default Windows 8 Apps


Did you know what the essential Windows 8 apps and their respective functions are? This guide should help you with that.

A Detailed Overview of the Essential Windows 8 Apps

The Lasting Legacy of Steve Jobs


Love him or hate him, you likely respect him. Wired reflects on the legacy of Steve Jobs on the one year anniversary of his passing.


A History of World Wide Web


An interesting article on how the world wide web was born and how it has evolved since then.

A Brief History of the World Wide Web

The Oatmeal on Taking Friends’ Photos


Hilarious and so true!

How to Take INCREDIBLE Photos of Your Friends

Things to Know Before Upgrading to Windows 8


A detailed article to things to know before you decide to upgrade to Windows 8.

Important Windows 8 Upgrade Questions Answered

It’s a Jimi Thing

Music FAILS: Have You Ever Been?


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