Windows 8 Removed Nine Features from Windows 7

Which are the 9 features that have been removed or replaced? Learn from this article:

9 Windows 7 Features & Applications That No Longer Exist in Windows 8

“It’s the ISP”


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Tablets Compared


Great chart and short accompanying article at iMore.

Kindle Fire vs. iPad vs. Nexus 7 vs. Surface vs. Playbook

Nokia Lumia 800 – Is it Worth Buying?

A review based on two months of using this phone on a daily basis:

A Real Life Review of Nokia Lumia 800

Microsoft has changed the license terms in Windows 8 – What’s the impact?

A good read if you are planning to purchase Windows 8 any time soon.

How the new Windows 8 license terms affect you

Anonymity is Overrated Anyway


Of course it isn’t but it’s the price we pay for the tech we crave.

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Ten Years After : The Internet in 2012


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Log In and Go Straight to the Desktop in Windows 8

Here are a few solutions that work in the final version of Windows 8, with no side effects or issues, and without installing third party software:

How to Boot to the Desktop in Windows 8 & Skip the Start Screen

Infographic – Do People Really Work When Working from Home?

Clocking in from the Couch
Courtesy of: Online Degrees

Windows 8 vs. Windows 7: Benchmarks, lots of Benchmarks


Techspot spot-on with a comprehensive review of the performance differences of the two OS’s.

Techspot’s review

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