The Most Purchased Paid Apps by Windows Phone Users

Interesting roundup: What Kind of Paid Apps Do Windows Phone Users Download? – Top 7 Most Downloaded Paid Apps

Found Makes Finding Data Easier on Mac


This app for Mac not only finds stuff on your computer but also on Dropbox, Gmail, Google Docs. It’s very fast too.

Found for Mac

Proble Steps Recorder – A hidden gem in Windows 7 & Windows 8

A great tutorial about a useful but hidden Windows app: Easy Troubleshooting and Problem Solving with (Problem) Steps Recorder

Know When Your Friends Make the News


An interesting news monitoring service that keeps a tab on news about your friends or anyone who matters to you.


Get Your Images Cropped Automatically


This tool claims to take the hassle out of image cropping.

Best Online Tools For Video Chatting


Bored with the old and conventional chat and want to talk with your group using video? Check out this list of the best free web based tools for group video chats.

The Best Free and Web Based Group Video Chat Tools

What Apple Launched in WWDC 2012


Here’s a nice rundown of all the Apple announcements and their implications in the recently held WWDC.

The Only Apple Post You Need To Read Today

Blocking Phone Numbers and Texts on Android


Got someone calling you unnecessarily and wasting your time? Maybe he is sending a barrage of text messages that you find hard to keep deleting. The following two articles talk about 2 solutions for blocking such numbers on your Android phone.

How to Block Phone Numbers On Android

How to Filter and Block Incoming Calls, Texts on Android

Hack Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Sync Your Sticky Notes

Awesome hack: How to Sync Sticky Notes Across Users and Computers in 7 Steps

Protect Your Memories Before That Great Gig In The Sky


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