Apple by the Numbers (Infographic)

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What Free Apps do Windows Phone Users Download?

Have you ever wondered what free apps Windows Phone users download most? This interesting lists shares the 7 most popular free downloads on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

What Kind of Apps Do Windows Phone Users Download? – Top 7 Most Downloaded Free Apps

The Internet of Yesterday & Today (Infographic)


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Google’s Project Glass (Infographic)


We’re for anything that provides a safe HUD. via MakeUseOf

Get 50% Off Awesome Windows 7 eBooks, DRM-free Until May 9

Awesome offer from O’Reilly Media and Microsoft Press on their Windows 7 titles. 50% off, no DRM eBooks in all formats. They even include great titles such as Network Your Computers & Devices Step by Step or Windows 7 Inside Out, Deluxe Edition.

Maximize Windows 7, Save 50% – One Week Only

Yours, mine and yours


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Does Internet Explorer 9/64-bit deliver better performance?

This brief test compares the browsing performance of the normal 32-bit version of Internet Explorer 9 against the 64-bit version.

Does the 64-bit Version of Internet Explorer 9 Deliver Better Browsing Performance?

A Review of the HTC Titan 2

If you are curious to learn more about the new HTC Titan 2, check out this brief review:

Windows Phone 7.5: HTC Titan II

Running Around the World


Is it worth using the Safely Remove Hardware icon?

Does this still make sense when using USB memory sticks or external hard drives? Learn from this tutorial + benchmark:

Want to Stop Using the Safely Remove Hardware Notification Icon?

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