Safe Gaming (Infographic)


To frag or not to frag, that is the question.

Daily Infographic

Learn about your Gmail habits

A pretty cool tool was invented to get detailed stats about how you use Gmail. Details here:

Gmail Meter To Know About Your Gmail Habits

Help Two Authors Pick a Title for Their Next Book

Even though it is not related to technology, some friends of ours need your help to pick a good title for their next book. Simply vote for the title you like best:

Help Us Pick a Catchy Book Title!

Limited Edition Artist Series theme (Win7)


From Microsoft: Swirling dragons, floral profusions, and cacophonies of color—this dazzling free theme for Windows 7 celebrates the innovative work of artists like Kenzo Minami, Sally Zou, Stina Persson, and more. The Microsoft Hardware Limited Edition Artist Series is a growing collection of wireless mice featuring unique designs.

Win 7 Themes

A thorough review of Avira Internet Security 2012

Is it worth purchasing Avira Internet Security 2012? Learn from this thorough review:

Security for Everyone – Reviewing Avira Internet Security 2012

Infographic: Details that should be tested about a banner

Ad Design Tips - Infographic
Ad Design Tips – Infographic

How many viruses are out there?

An interesting blog post, trying to explore the answer to this question.

The malware numbers game: how many viruses are out there?

The Touch Mouse from Logitech Reviewed

The M600 is Logitech’s take on building a touch mouse. Is it any good? How does it compare to Microsoft’s Touch Mouse?

Learn from this review: A Real-Life Review of the Logitech M600 Touch Mouse

An 8 Day Test & Review of Nokia Lumia 900

Paul Thurrott has bought a Nokia Lumia 900 and posted an 8-Days journal of his experience. The wrap-up can be found here: Day 8: Wrapping Up.

Some of the most interesting episodes are:

Day 1: The Buying Experience

Day 3: Build Quality

Day 6: Nokia Apps and Services


The Windows 8 Start Screen vs the Start Menu

An interesting analysis: Is the Start Screen an Improvement vs. the Start Menu?

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