Post-PC or Not Post-PC?

No Post PC

Tom Warren’s interesting post on why there’s no such thing as post-PC.

There’s no such thing as post-PC

Using Cortana Every Day

use Cortana

Here’s how you should use Cortana every day.

Top 5 Ways You Should Integrate Cortana in Your Day to Day Life

Taking Breaks Like a Pro

take breaks

Everything you wanted to know about taking breaks at work.

The Science of Breaks at Work: Change Your Thinking About Downtime

No Space on Phone? Here’s How to Get Some

save space on phone

Use this tool to compress photos and videos and increase space on your phone.

Running Out of Space on Your Phone? Crunch Gallery Will Compress All Those Photos and Videos for You

What Really Happened to Grooveshark

why grooveshark failed

Story of the failure of probably the most popular free music streaming service of its time.

Why Grooveshark Failed

Delaying Software Updates in Windows 10

How to Delay and Block Mandatory Software Updates in Windows 10


Learn how to delay or block Windows Updates in Windows 10 (and why you might need to).

How to Delay and Block Mandatory Software Updates in Windows 10

Cool Reminder Tool for Mac


Very innovative drag and drop reminder tool for Mac.


Converting PDF to PowerPoint

convert pdf to powerpoint

Here the ways to convert PDF to PPT that actually work.

The Best Free Ways to Convert PDF to PowerPoint Which Actually Work

Google Photos: Everything You Need to Know

Google Photos

What’s the deal with the new Google Photos? Is it really as awesome as everyone’s saying it is? This article attempts to explain it.

Google Photos Explained: Should Everyone Switch to It?

Changing Your Brain After 25

Changing brain patterns

Wonder why you can just never wake up early? This might have the answer.

What It Takes To Change Your Brain’s Patterns After Age 25

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