Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0 was Launched

A new version of Microsoft Security Essentials is available.  Microsoft decided to skip version 3.0 and launch version 4. What’s new in terms of important features is not known. The interface is almost identical and the configuration options look pretty much the same. Most probably Microsoft has spent effort mostly on improving its protection engine.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Using Your Windows Phone as a Wireless Hotspot

How to use internet sharing on a Windows Phone and have your phone act like a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

How to Use a Windows Phone as a Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot


Funny infographics on the state of the web, by Oatmeal

Other funny infographics here (6 just like the one above): Spring 2012 – The State of the Web

Everything You Really Wanted To Know About Google Search*

*but Robert from Munich isn’t afraid to ask



Profit !

via Engadget

The Complete Tutorial to Windows Speech Recognition

The Speech Recognition in Windows has become pretty awesome yet few people know about it, let alone use it. 7 Tutorials has published an awesome series of tutorials which takes you through all the basics needed to get you started.

They ended their series with this great wrap-up article, sharing links to useful articles plus thoughts and advice about using the tool.

Speech Recognition: Afterthoughts on Its Strengths and Weaknesses

Safe Gaming (Infographic)


To frag or not to frag, that is the question.

Daily Infographic

Learn about your Gmail habits

A pretty cool tool was invented to get detailed stats about how you use Gmail. Details here:

Gmail Meter To Know About Your Gmail Habits

Help Two Authors Pick a Title for Their Next Book

Even though it is not related to technology, some friends of ours need your help to pick a good title for their next book. Simply vote for the title you like best:

Help Us Pick a Catchy Book Title!

Limited Edition Artist Series theme (Win7)


From Microsoft: Swirling dragons, floral profusions, and cacophonies of color—this dazzling free theme for Windows 7 celebrates the innovative work of artists like Kenzo Minami, Sally Zou, Stina Persson, and more. The Microsoft Hardware Limited Edition Artist Series is a growing collection of wireless mice featuring unique designs.

Win 7 Themes

A thorough review of Avira Internet Security 2012

Is it worth purchasing Avira Internet Security 2012? Learn from this thorough review:

Security for Everyone – Reviewing Avira Internet Security 2012

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