Browse Privately On Android


This article shows you two ways to browse privately on Android.

2 Ways to Achieve Private Browsing on Android

Cool Tips and Tricks About the Games Folder in Windows 7

If you want to learn more about the Games folder/panel in Windows, how it works and a few tricks to solve some common problems, check these tutorials:

What is the Games Folder & How to Use It?

How to Delete Troublesome & Invalid Shortcuts from the Games Panel


Get a Cleaner Google Reader


This Chrome extension removes clutter from your Google Reader interface and provides a better reading experience.

Google Reader Readable

Converting YouTube Videos on Android to Audio


An easy way to convert YouTube videos on Android to MP3.

How to Convert YouTube Videos on Android to MP3 Audio

The Highest Rated Apps for Windows Phone

Interesting list with some very unexpected entries.

What Apps do Windows Phone Users Rate the Highest? – Top 7 Highest Rated Apps

An Interesting Way to Track Your Favorite Stock


This is a creative method to create your own stock watcher widget on Windows and make it stay on top of other windows.

How to Create You Own Stock Watcher Widget (and Make it Always Stay on Top)

No Aero in Windows 8


The shiny Aero effect will no longer be a part of Windows 8.

Creating the Windows 8 user experience

Get a Pinterest like Dashboard for Instagram Photos


This is a cool web based service that fetches your Instagram photos and displays them in a Pinterest kind of dashboard.


TED: A History of the 404 Page Error

A humorous TED discussion.

Machines Like Us via Fark

A book for LEGO geeks

The Cult of Lego is a book for all LEGO geeks out there. Check this review to learn more about it.

Reviewing The Cult of LEGO for All the LEGO Fans Out There

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