Want to give Windows 8 a try?

Do you want to test the Windows 8 Consumer Preview later this month? Or you simply want to go ahead and test the Developer Preview until then?

Check this book before you do that, for complete details on how to install it, useful tips and a good overview of what is changed.

Reviewing Ed Bott’s Windows 8 Head Start

Windows 8 Teaser from Bing

With the Windows 8 beta approaching, Bing has a special webpage dedicated to it.

Details here: Windows 8 has a special Bing homepage, Consumer Preview name all but confirmed

What version does this application have?

If you need to know the exact version of any application you might be using, check this guide for help.

6 Ways to Learn the Exact Version of Any Application You are Using

Awesome Educational Channel to Follow!

What’s Next for the Internet (Infographic)


Via Daily Infographic

Good looking skins for Windows Media Player

Do you want to know from where to get good looking skins like the one above? Check this roundup:

Top 7 Windows Media Player 12 Skins in 2012

Interesting Blogging Stats from Shareaholic

When’s the Best Time to Blog & Share?

Report bad behaving websites from Internet Explorer



Did you know that you can do this?

How To Report Malicious Websites in Internet Explorer


[Infographic] Want to Get More Clicks on Twitter?

Source: [Infographic] How to Get More Clicks on Twitter

The Best Tool to Manage the Windows Startup Items

Are you curious to know which is the best tool for managing the startup items in Windows? Check out this thorough analysis.

What’s the Best Startup Manager for Windows?

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