Backup Your Old Copy Protected Discs

Do you need to make a backup copy of your old copy-protected DVDs?

How to Make a Backup Copy of a Protected Disc (DVD or Blu-Ray)

Infographic: The level of mercury in fish

Source: Seafood: The choice is yours

Bunnies should be eaten ears first, according to 76% of Americans


via Daily Infographic

Nokia Makes Fun of the iPhone & Most SmartPhones


Funny videos here: The SmartPhone Beta Test

How to Win a Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 License

Check out this cool giveaway: +1 Your Top 3 Favorite Articles & Win Kaspersky Internet Security 2012

Quick Tip – Open Multiple Windows of the Same App

Useful tip: How To Quickly Open Multiple Windows for the Same Application

Your Flash Player Version & Why Does it Matter?

You have Flash Player on your computer and you should read this.

What’s my Flash Player version? Where’s the latest Flash update?

Send Free, Unlimited Files and Folders with WireOver


Simply drop a file or folder and add an email address. The recipient clicks OK to begin the transfer and you’re done. In testing we moved about 1GB in an hour without any performance hit at all. The beauty of WireOver is that you can move huge folders. There is a Pro version which encrypts your transferred files for $10 a month.

h/t to Mike B.


Gmail Tap

More innovation from Mountain View 😉

Gmail Tap

The Microsoft Touch Mouse – Is it worth your money?

Microsoft launched its Touch Mouse with lots of fanfare and media coverage. The concept looks interesting but… is it any good? Does it work well in real-life computing scenarios?

A Real-Life Review of the Microsoft Touch Mouse

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