Animated GIFs, The Beginning


Necessary evil or the bane of the internet, focuses on the creation of animated .gifs.

Animated GIFs: The Birth of a Medium

Get Access to More Advanced Configuration for User Accounts and Groups

The Local Users and Groups snap-in from Computer Management, allows more granular control over the user accounts and groups found in Windows. These tutorials show how to work with it.

The Geek’s Way of Managing User Accounts and Groups

The Geek’s Way of Creating User Accounts and Groups

Visual Hallucinations



Too Cool, Microsoft’s 3D Desktop

Kudos to Redmond for thinking outside the box, pun intended.

via Neowin

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Wallpapers in a Windows 7 Theme

A fresh set of great wallpapers for your Windows 7 desktop.

Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview Themes for Windows 7

Quickly Create Beautiful Event Pages


A cool web app to quickly create event splash pages.


Easily Hide Private Photos/Videos on Android


Got some photos and videos on your Android that you want to keep safe from prying eyes? The article below tells you how to do that.

How to Hide Photos and Videos On Android with Keep Safe

Easily Bypass Ads on YouTube


A guide to skipping the video ads that YouTube shows usually for each video.

How to Skip Commercials on YouTube Quickly

Did You Know Windows 7 Calculator Has These Features?



5 Cool Windows 7 Calculator Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

Simultaneously Search Various Music Sites


A site to simultaneously search sites like Spotify, Grooveshark etc.


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