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More innovation from Mountain View ;)

Gmail Tap

The Microsoft Touch Mouse – Is it worth your money?

Microsoft launched its Touch Mouse with lots of fanfare and media coverage. The concept looks interesting but… is it any good? Does it work well in real-life computing scenarios?

A Real-Life Review of the Microsoft Touch Mouse

How to work with the Event Viewer in Windows

Do you want to learn more about Event Viewer and its uses in Windows 7? Check these great tutorials:

The Basics About Working with the Event Viewer in Windows

How to Work with Custom Views in the Event Viewer

Windows 8 is going to be BIG!

A very interesting opinion article: For Better or Worse, Windows 8 to Be Industry Inflection Point

Free Cone Day ! (Ben & Jerry’s)


Burlington’s finest Ben & Jerry’s annual Free Cone Day is just around the corner and it’s worldwide ! Check below for a scoop shop near you. Cherry Garcia or Chunky Monkey? <:)

Ben & Jerry’s locations

Solutions for Copying a DVD, CD or Blu-Ray

This article shares a good overview of the best solutions available for making a copy of any kind of disc: CD, DVD or Blu-Ray.
How to Copy a Disc (CD, DVD or Blu-Ray) in Windows

What’s coming in Microsoft Office 15?

Curious to learn more about what’s coming in the next version of Microsoft Office? Paul Thurrott explains all in an interesting series of articles.

The episodes we enjoyed best are these two:

What’s Coming in Microsoft Word 15

What’s Coming in Microsoft Outlook 15

A review of the new avast! v7

Avast! has launched version 7 of their products. But… are they any better than their previous products? Find out from this review:

Security for Everyone – Reviewing avast! Internet Security 7

Infographic: Speedy America

Via: [INFOGRAPHIC] How Much Does A One-Second Page Load Delay Cost?

#tweetsmart – A Book about Twitter

Are you searching for a good book on Twitter? Most probably you stumbled upon #tweetsmart. Read this review to learn if it is worth buying and reading.

A Real Review of #tweetsmart – A Book about Twitter

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