Good news about Microsoft’s SkyDrive

SkyDrive Introduces New Features – Sets Out to Compete With Dropbox, Google Docs

Sweet Holiday Theme (Windows 7)


‘tis the season :)

Holiday Lights Theme

Do We Really Need Project Managers?

This article wants to start an interesting conversation.

Why Do We Need Project Managers?

The Tools Used by Developers

The rest of the infographic can be found here: What Tools Developers Actually Use

How Does Free Software Tend to Put Users at Risk?

We all install and use lots of free software. What are the risks we expose ourselves when blindly installing such software without reading through the installation steps?

Risks to Watch For When Downloading & Installing Free Software

Windows Defender Offline (Beta)


Microsoft via Road to Know Where

Infographic: 7 Successful Tech Pivots

Source: Infographic: 7 Companies Who Made Major Pivots in Strategy

Finnish security from F-Secure

Are you considering changing your security solution? Then you might want to know more about the solutions offered by F-Secure – a security company based in Helsinki, Finland.

Security for Everyone – Reviewing F-Secure Internet Security 2012

Does your processor support virtualization?

Here are some alternatives for finding the answer to this question.

3 Easy Ways to to Check If Your Processor Supports Virtualization

The Unbelievable Timescapes Trailer


No explanation necessary. Play at

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