Creating Cool Music Beats Made Easy


Use these online tools to effectively make music beats.

4 Best Online Music Beat Making Tools

Your Kids Would Love These Chrome Apps


A list of cool Chrome apps for kids.

5 Best Interactive Chrome Apps For Kids

When is the last time you’ve used Windows Help?

Considering how awful the Help documentation used to be, people no longer have the habit of using it. According to this article, Windows 7 manages to have a very up-to-date and relevant Help and Support system. Here’s how it works:

Learn More about Windows Programs and Get Help Using Windows Help

When was a partition created?

Interesting tip for Windows users who need an answer to this question.

When Was a NTFS Partition Created or a Drive First Initialized by Windows?


Malware or Virus or Spyware or…Confused? Read This!


A guide for the average user that explains the difference between malware, virus, rootkits, spyware, worm and trojans.

GT Explains: What is the Difference Between Malware, Virus, Rootkits, Spyware, Worm and Trojans

(image courtesy – marcelo)

Do you remember dxdiag?

Old-school geeks surely remember the DirectX Diagnostic Tool and how useful it was in the days of old Windows versions (98, 2000, XP). It turns out the tool still exists in Windows 7 and has useful functionality.

How to Troubleshoot Problems with the DirectX Diagnostic Tool


Great Tools to Help You Form New Habits Easily


Struggling to form a new habit? Check out these cool tools that’ll aid you in forming new habits quickly.

3 Impressive Tools to Help You Create New Habits

Sign Petition Against SOPA and PIPA


The war against SOPA and PIPA is ongoing and if you haven’t yet signed a petition, do it now using the Google’s take action page.

Take Action Against SOPA and PIPA

The Web Goes on Strike!

Today we have the biggest online strike in the history of the Internet. Check out the unfiltered list of websites going on strike and how to join the protests.


Infographic: Bill Gates is Better Than Batman

microsoft infographic



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