Networking Goodness in a Book

Looking for a good Networking book you can learn from? This reviewer believes she found it: Head First Networking.

Reviewing Head First Networking

Infographic: Windows Phone in 2011

Source: Windows Phone 2011 Retrospective

Death to Pennies, a not so love story

Reinforcing the obvious, this short film should be required viewing at Treasury.

via Consumerist

Looking for a good review of Trend Micro Titanium solutions?

If you have considered using Trend Micro Titanium security solutions, you should read this review to find out more about their effectiveness. It turns out they have a pretty surprising approach to security.

Security for Everyone – Reviewing Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2012

Free Internet Speed Monitoring Tool for your Windows Taskbar

NetSpeedMonitor is a useful tool that helps you monitor the speed (up and downstream) of your Internet connection. It shares also quick traffic reports split by day or month.

NetSpeedMonitor (via Vikitech)

How to use the System Configuration tool

Most probably you have already used the System Configuration tool in Windows (msconfig.exe). However, did you use all its functionality? Do you know about everything it has to offer?

Read this tutorial and be surprised by its versatility: How To Use the System Configuration Tool & All its Awesomeness!


Geek vs. Nerd, an Overdue Infographic


Daily Infographic

Guess… the most pirated games of 2011

And then read through this list: The Most Pirated Games of 2011

How to win a free copy of Norton Internet Security 2012

Details here: Celebrating 2.5 Years of 7 Tutorials together with Symantec

Infographic: Top Features in Windows 8

Source: Top Ten Features of Windows 8 [Infographics]

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