A Very Venn Christmas

A Very Venn Christmas

Junk Charts

Infographic plus details on the Occupy Movement

This post includes some interesting data and stats: 75 days of the Occupy Movement


Have you considered using AVG Internet Security?

AVG is famous for its free antivirus. However, it offers also commercial security solutions, such as AVG Internet Security 2012. Read this review to learn more about its effectiveness in securing your system.

Security for Everyone – Reviewing AVG Internet Security 2012


Too Many Tabs …


Cyanide and Happiness

Ever used the Resource Monitor in Windows 7?

Learn how to take advantage of all its features so that you can figure out at any time what’s going on with your computer.

How to use the Resource Monitor in Windows 7

Want to become a self-published author?

Here’s what the famous author Scott Berkun learned when going the self-publishing route.

Confessions of a self published author

How Careless Installations Ruin Performance

Learn how making quick (default) installations for your computer’s applications is the best recipe for ruining your system’s performance and computing experience.

8 Ways Quick Application Installations Ruin Performance

Psychology & Social Commerce


Daily Infographic’s Social Commerce Psychology

Doc.net’s Guide to North Korea


Guide to North Korea

Create and Organize Notes Online


A neat web based note taking and organization tool.


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