Update iOS to 5.0.1 Over The Air (Apple)


Simply click on Settings> General> Software Update. It takes about 5-10 minutes to download and install the 40MB update. Your device will reboot all by itself.

Free Trials and Discounts for IE9 Users


via Windows Team Blog

How to Hide a Partition in Windows

Do you need a partition to be hidden from a specific Windows installation? If you do, then check out this tutorial. It works for all versions of Windows, starting with XP and ending with Windows 8.

How to Hide or Dismount a Partition in Windows

Patch Tuesday (Microsoft)


Time to update your Windows system.

Robin Williams gets in a Tickle Fight with Koko


The big hairy guy laughs and so does Koko :)

Wimp.com via Fark.com

What Facebook Knows About You

Scary stuff, but you probably already knew every friend you make, every farm you rake they were watching you.


Nostalgic Videos from British Pathé


Take a step back and watch newsreels and short videos from British Pathé.

British Pathe

Panda Internet Security in 2012 – Is it still good?

Panda security products might not be as popular as the ones from Symantec, but they always show up among the top security suites. Let’s see if their 2012 version of products is worth considering as alternatives to their more famous competitors.

Security for Everyone – Reviewing Panda Internet Security 2012

Happy Halloween !

anatomy of fear

BOO ! via Daily Infographic

Desktop Gadgets Discontinued – Now What?

Last month, Microsoft decided to discontinue their desktop gadgets gallery and the support for these mini-applications. Where Windows 7 & Windows Vista users can now get access to good gadgets?

This article aims to help and shares two of the remaining sources of gadgets, plus a roundup of great gadgets you might want to try.

The Best Remaining Desktop Gadgets for Windows 7

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