The Most Awesome Screensavers for Windows

Check out this fresh roundup of screensavers for Windows 7, Vista and XP.

The Top 7 Screen Savers for Windows in 2012

Installing Windows 8 in Virtual Box


You might have forgotten about Windows 8 already but we’ll soon have another beta coming and next year the final version. If you want a really complete guide on how to install Windows 8 in Virtual Box, check out this guide.

The Definitive Guide to Installing Windows 8 on VirtualBox

Free LastPass PRO Subscriptions

You can win one of the 7 subscriptions available here:

Celebrating the 7 Tutorials Rebranding with LastPass

Want to use Google Music from Outside of the US?

How to Sign Up For and Use Google Music Service From Outside the US

Advaced Power Plan Configuration in Windows

Have you ever wondered what each of the items included in a power plan mean? This tutorial explains all of them in detail, so that you can tweak any power plan to your liking.

How to Tweak the Advanced Settings of a Power Plan

Learn About Google Translation Tools


A comprehensive guide to the various translation and language tools offered by Google.

The Complete Guide to Google Translate and Google Language Tools

Harvest Time Windows 7 Theme


Download from Microsoft. Happy Thanksgiving !

Painlessly Remove Jimmy Wales from Wikipedia (Firefox)


We here at TinyHacker donate a tidy sum of money to various causes, projects and sharewares and would never dissuade anyone from doing the same. We draw the line at having to stare at Jimmy Wales’ mugshot on each and every Wikipedia page, year in, year out during fundraising season. Here’s how to remove him.

1. Install Stylish

2. Install Remove Wiki Banner from

In lieu of installing either, you can paste this code at the bottom of your UserChrome.css file:




  #siteNotice {

	display: none !important;



Thanks to کامیار

Norton security for 2012 – Is it good?


If you are curious to learn how effective are the latest security products from Symantec, you need to look no further than this review.

Security for Everyone – Reviewing Norton Internet Security 2012


Create New Songs With MusicShake


An online tool to create new beats and songs.


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