For Dummies vs. Step by Step

Which series of books you like best? Join the discussion started by this article and share your opinion.

The Battle of the Books: For Dummies vs. Step by Step

Facebook & You


Very DeMotivational

Infographic on Windows 8 Developer Preview

Source: Windows 8: Through the Eyes of Consumers

Doing Cool Stuff With Your Wireless Networks

Did you know that you can place your wireless network connections in a list of priorities and have Windows  7 connect to them in the order you specified? Or, have you been wondering how to stop Windows  from connecting automatically to a network?

Answers to these questions and some others, can be found in this tutorial: Geek Tips for Managing Connections to Wireless Networks

Pinning shortcuts with parameters

Do you want to pin a shortcut to the taskbar or the Start Menu, which includes advanced parameters? This tutorial shows how.

Pin Shortcuts with Parameters on the Taskbar or the Start Menu

Generate your own For Dummies book cover

You’ll surely have a laugh generating geeky covers. :)

The Official For Dummies Cover Generator

Awesome Mouse Cursor Schemes for Windows

If you are bored with how your mouse pointers look, you should read this roundup. It includes some pretty cool stuff.

Top 10 Best Mouse Cursor Schemes for Windows

Rainbow Finger



All I’m offering is the truth

See the whole episode here: All I’m offering is the truth

Fixing wireless network connections which stop working

Do you have problems with a wireless network which, all of a sudden stopped working? Check out this troubleshooting guide.

Fix Troublesome Wireless Connections by Removing their Profile

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