David Pogue’s Guide to Internet Memes


The New York times David Pogue takes at look at the more famous and infamous memes in recent memory. You’ll likely find a favorite of yours but if not, feel free to add in the comments.

Internet Memes 101: A Guide to Online Wackiness

Windows 8 in 8 Minutes

via Lifehacker

Add Tabbed Switching in Outlook With Outlook Tabs


Manage multiple folders in one Outlook window, compatible with Outlook 2010 and 2007. In beta.

OutlookTabs via Slipstick

Everything You Wanted to Know About Angry Birds*


*and weren’t afraid to read an infographic

The Daily Infographic via atym.com

Microsoft Office 2010 for Dummies – Is it Worth Buying?

Are you in need of buying a book with helps people learn Microsoft Office 2010? Learn if Microsoft Office 2010 for Dummies is a good option or not, from this review.

Reviewing Microsoft Office 2010 for Dummies

Integrate Google+ with Facebook & Twitter in Firefox & Chrome

This add-on called Start Google Plus, brings pretty useful integration features to both Firefox and Chrome.

Firefox version | Chrome version

Previewing the Incredibly Slick Windows 8

Windows 8 looks visually stunning and will likely be Microsoft’s next, best chance to take a bite out of Apple. Regardless, it looks like a quite promising multi platform OS.

Previewing Windows 8

Got Problems with Blurry Text in Windows?

A perfect example of a “feature” gone wrong in AMD video drivers. It is causing problems with rendering text and images in lots of apps, such as: internet browsers with GPU acceleration or the tools included in Windows Live Essentials.

Fix Fuzzy Fonts/Blurry Text Problem in Windows Live Applications & Internet Browsers

Get a QR Code For Your Business Card


Nice business card QR code generator


Copy Paste Improved in Windows 8


Windows 8 will have better copy paste functions that allow multiple file copy pasting and better memory usage.

Improving our file management basics: copy, move, rename, and delete

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