Great Resources to Teach Your Parents Computers and Internet


Check out these 5 very useful tools to teach our non-tech savvy elders computers and Internet.

5 Fantastic Resources to Help Your Mom Get Familiar With Internet

Sync program settings with Windows Live Mesh

If you are looking for a nice, free way of synchronizing your user’s settings for Microsoft Office applications or your Internet Explorer favorites, check out Windows Live Mesh and this tutorial.

Sync Internet Explorer Favorites with Windows Live Mesh

Search engines for Internet Explorer 9

Do you need a good selection of search engines to add to your Internet Explorer 9 address bar? Look no more.

Google and Other 7 Search Providers for Internet Explorer 9

Know More About New Releases With MoviePilot


A site built around getting the best out of upcoming releases.


An Overview of Changes to Google Docs Presentations


A detailed review of the all new Google Docs presentations tool.

Reviewing the New and Improved Google Docs Presentations

Who’s Using Geosocial and Location-Based Services?

Who’s Using Geosocial and Location-Based Services?
Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application

The Net, Then and Now


via Daily Infographic

Connect Your Computer to Your Phone via Bluetooth

Do you want to connect your phones with your laptop or any other computer via Bluetooth? You can exchange files, folders, data and do cool tricks like: listen to music from your phone on your computer, use your computer to answer calls, etc.

These two guides show everything you need to know.

Transfer Files via Bluetooth Between Phones & Windows 7 PCs

Connecting Smartphones to Your PC via Bluetooth Device Control

Update iOS to 5.0.1 Over The Air (Apple)


Simply click on Settings> General> Software Update. It takes about 5-10 minutes to download and install the 40MB update. Your device will reboot all by itself.

Free Trials and Discounts for IE9 Users


via Windows Team Blog

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