Fixing wireless network connections which stop working

Do you have problems with a wireless network which, all of a sudden stopped working? Check out this troubleshooting guide.

Fix Troublesome Wireless Connections by Removing their Profile

Apple in China Infographic


Daily Infographic via Sortable

How to improve your password security

Even though many websites talk about LastPass and its usefulness in improving password security, not too many show how to actually use it. This article does that and shares important watchouts and principles to keep in mind when working to improve your password security. Definitely worth reading.

Password Security – Turn Your Dumb Habits Into Geek Habits

Good looking Powerpoint for lazy people

What if you could take a crappy Powerpoint slide deck, only with text, and turn it into something visual and good looking? This free plugin automatically designs presentations for you. Try it out!

VisualBee download

Windows 1 vs. Windows 8


Back to the future with an active desktop.

via BitterWallet

The Computer Dilemma


Dvorak Uncensored

Geeky Lunch Bag Art

Check out this awesome art on lunch bags. :D

Geeky Lunch Bag Art From An Awesome Dad

ZoneAlarm security products in 2012 – are they good?

ZoneAlarm did not publish major updates to their security products since 2010. This review tries to evaluate if, in two years, they made good progress or not. To find out more about the quality of their 2012 products, check out this review.

Security for Everyone – Reviewing ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 2012

Bitdefender Total Security 2012 Giveaway

Do you want to get a chance at winning a 1-year license of Bitdefender’s latest and greatest product? Check out this giveaway.

Help Us Improve & Win Bitdefender Total Security 2012

The Village, an Awesome Time Lapse Tilt Shift Video

The Village from Pedro Sousa | visuals on Vimeo. via Fark

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