Get a QR Code For Your Business Card


Nice business card QR code generator


Copy Paste Improved in Windows 8


Windows 8 will have better copy paste functions that allow multiple file copy pasting and better memory usage.

Improving our file management basics: copy, move, rename, and delete

Detailed Review of Portable Apps


Portable Apps is a must-have tool for everyone who uses a USB thumb drive often. Check out this review to know what it is all about.

Reviewing Portable Apps, a Neat Suite of Tools For Your USB Pen Drive

The Complete Guide to Windows 7 Mouse Cursors and Pointers

This guide explains everything you need to know about mouse pointer schemes, cursors and how to customize them as you wish.

How To Customize Mouse Cursors in Windows 7

A Guide to Searching With Images


Searching with images or reverse image search can be very useful at times. Check this guide to know more.

The Complete Guide to Conducting a Reverse Image Search

Check Your Hard Disk For Problems


Learn to diagnose your hard disk drive for issues and potential problems.

How to Diagnose Your Hard Disk Drive For Corrupted Data or Sectors With SeaTools

7Notes is a Nice iPad Note App


A cool note app for iPad that’s packed with innovative features.


PhotoVine is an Interesting App For Sharing Photos


A neat app by Google to share themed photos.


Cool Tools to Remind You to Take Breaks


Forget to take breaks and spend long hours in front of your computer? Well, that’s not a healthy habit and you should use one of these cool break reminders.

3 Neat Break Reminders to Reduce the Strain On Your Eyes

The Free Windows 7 Alternative to SnagIt

If you are not interested in buying commercial software for taking and editing screenshots, you should give the Snipping Tool a try. It is free and it comes with Windows 7.

Make Screenshots with the Snipping Tool

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