Free Webcast on the Complexity of the Home Network

Digital Photo Lab (#46099)

Want to find out just how complex home networks are? How many computers per network, how they are secured, what other devices are connected to it, most common problems? Then register for this free webcast and find out on August 23rd.

Webcast: The Complex Anatomy of the Home Network

Windows 7 Visual Quick Tips

Are you searching for a book that takes a visual approach to teaching people how to work with Windows 7? Then Windows 7 Visual Quick Tips might be for you. To learn more about the book, check out this review.

Reviewing Windows 7 Visual Quick Tips

Crafting the Perfect Modern Resume

Check out this awesome infographic.

HOW TO: Spruce Up a Boring Resume

Writing the Declaration of Independence using MS Office

Clippy is M.I.A., believed to have been captured somewhere near Lexington.

via Kurt Shintaku’s Blog

Find and Compare Best Hospitals With Hospital Compare


If you are in the US, use this nifty tool to compare hospitals.

Hospital Compare

Kaspersky 2012 Looks Awesome

Kaspersky has launched their 2012 products and they look awesome. However, they did not limit themselves just to an interface change. Their 2012 line-up packs a lot more changes. For details, check out this review.

Security for Everyone – Reviewing Kaspersky Internet Security 2012

AirMusic Streams Music from iOS to Various Devices


A neat iOS app to stream music wirelessly from iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to devices like Xbox and PS3.


Use Google Takeout to Backup Google Accounts

google takeout

Google Takeout is a new backup service by Google.

How to Backup All Your Google Accounts Data with Google Takeout

Play With Your Images With These Tools


Some really cool tools to play with your photos.

3 Awesome (and Relatively Unknown) Tools to Enhance Your Photos

Add Mouse Gestures to Chrome With Smooth Gestures

smooth gestures

Chrome extension to add mouse gestures in Chrome.

Smooth Gestures

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