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Hide Files in Windows With Secret Disk

hide files using secret disk 4 

Learn how to create a hidden partition in Windows and hide files.

How to Easily Hide Files in an Invisible Hard Disk Partition Using Secret Disk

Download Free from Top File Sharing Sites, As a Premium User

download from file sharing sites

Learn how to download from top file sharing sites as a premium user, but, for free!

How To Download From Megaupload, Filesonic, Rapidshare, Fileserve & More as Premium User (& Without Paying)

Find a Missing Laptop With Prey

trace and locate stolen laptop with prey 9

A neat tool to track missing laptop.

How to Trace and Locate Stolen Laptop (or Desktop) With Prey

A Nice Site for Listening to the Sounds of Nature


Yearning for a sound of the sea waves? Wanna listen to chirping birds? Try out this site.

Relaxing Nature

Dietary Supplements- the Good, the Bad, the BS


But we spent so much money on a 5 year supply of acai berry ! (no we didn’t).

Information is Beautiful via Orgtheory

Microsoft Security Essential Update


KB2544035 From Microsoft:

Microsoft has released an update for Microsoft Security Essentials on July 26, 2011, which offers performance enhancements and some new functionality within the program. The update includes:

  • New features were added to the command line utility that include:
    • Ability to specify a UNC share.
    • Ability to perform a custom scan of an entire folder in addition to individual files.
  • A performance improvement was made to the definition update process to correct an issue on computers with exceedingly large number of files.
  • A fix was made to correct an access violation in the antimalware service.
  • Juts run Windows Update to download.

Personalizing Windows Themes Beyond the Basics

Do you want to know how to customize more advanced settings for your Windows themes? Stuff like the size of the scrollbar, the background of application windows, the font used by the operating system, etc. Check out this thorough tutorial.

The Geeky Way of Personalizing Windows Themes

Best Infographics app (iOS)


If you’re a fan of a good infographic now and then, consider this free app from Column Five Media. The app is missing a good search feature (for now) but we’re hoping this new release will add enhancements in future updates.

Infographics app

Nature by Numbers

Nature by Numbers from Cristóbal Vila on Vimeo.

via Wimp

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