Cooking Steak Like a Pro

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Two interesting ways to cook steak like a pro.

Two simple, fool-proof methods to cook a steak to delicious perfection

Fixing that Dreaded Error in YouTube For Android

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I am sure all of us have got this “connection to server lost” error in YouTube for Android at some point. If you are getting it too often, try the fix in this article.

How to Fix Connection to Server Lost in YouTube for Android

If You Use Internet Explorer, Please Update Today


Out of band, IE critical update. Run your Windows Update as per usual and you will have this option to download, if it hasn’t been done automatically already.

Which City in the US Gets Up The Earliest?


A very cool infographic from Bing.

Useful Mac Terminal Tips

mac terminal tips

Some pretty cool Mac Terminal tips you might not know about.

4 Cool Mac Terminal Tips to Make You More Productive

Windows 8.1 Update Features

Windows 8.1 Update

Windows 8.1 Update is out, with some nice enhancements.

Windows 8.1 Update – important refinements to the Windows experience

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon’s media streaming device is finally here.

Amazon Fire TV

Google+ Photos Tricks and Uses

google+ photos

Some nice ways to use Google+ Photos.

7 Must-Know Google+ Photos Tips to Make the Most Out of it

Slack: An Amazing Tool for Group Chats


A must-try tool for effective group communication.


Adding Videos to Your iPad Easily and Quickly


Here are some ways to quickly add a video to your iPad.

3 Fastest Ways To Add Movies and Videos To iPad

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